james mason, 29, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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Stone SourTaciturn 4. Mai. 2014
HocicoFed Up 4. Mai. 2014
Stone SourLast Of The Real 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleRituals - God Mod Clubbed To Death Mix 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleRituals 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleA Night Like This 4. Mai. 2014
God ModulePerception - Culture Kültur Mix 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleExtinct 4. Mai. 2014
SeaboundHooked 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleStill So Strange 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleReverse Inversion Lieblingslied 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleLet's Go Dark Lieblingslied 4. Mai. 2014
AyriaHunger 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleRemember 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleFake Fame 4. Mai. 2014
Aesthetic PerfectionA Nice Place to Visit 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleEvolve(d) 4. Mai. 2014
God ModuleYour True Face 4. Mai. 2014
RotersandExterminate Annihilate Destroy Lieblingslied 4. Mai. 2014
Funker VogtNarayan 4. Mai. 2014
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Über mich

My name is Jamus.
I was born in California and grew up along the coast, currently residing in Washington State.
Born at the end of August, in 1985. A Virgo in nature, very understanding, and patient.
If you try to label me you may find i fall under many categories.
I change day by day, as does the world.
I am a father of three beautiful children, and am currently in a long term relationship, so I'm not looking for one.
I love music, if I'm not listening to it, it's more then likely playing silently in my head.
I enjoy reading a good book, one that captivates my interest, and gets my attention.
No I'm not a "vampire", nor do I sparkle in the sunlight. Just because I've lived in a town that is based in a fiction novel, does not mean i am fiction myself.
I am not one to judge you by first glance, so please don't do the same to me.

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