• review of mistletoe jam

    24. Dez. 2007, 18:03

    Sun 16 Dec – 99X Mistletoe Jam '07

    the show was great. silverchair did the best set of the evening. they shins were the shins. not too big on their new music but the old stuff was nice.

    i was so disappointed with the crowd. where i was sitting people refused to stand up, clap, or acknowledge the bands. i was not sad that mm didn't come back because of the disrespect the audience gave them. there were people on the main floor laying down as they were at the beach. from what i observed this was wide spread through out the arena. silverchair did the best job of getting the audience interested in the show. they were drinking and celebrating this being the last show on their tour. modest mouse barely got a reaction from anything other than dashboard, we got everything, and float on. They played more songs from good news.. then they did from we were dead... Not their best set but not bad either. I did not see the silversun pickups so i cannot comment on their show. The Shins were not lively and because I do not like their new music I was not very into their set.

    during the intermission they had interviews of the bands by local radio hosts. it was ok, but cheesy. i guess because it was a radio event that is to be expected. it felt like being on an mtv show though. they had a clock telling you how long you had to return to the show to see the bands. very scripted.

    i will not attend a show in gwinnett county again. the bands playing deserved more love than they received.
  • Dani California

    12. Apr. 2006, 1:39

    I find it hard to believe that this is the best song from Stadium Arcadium maybe i've been spoiled from all the great songs the Red Hot Chili Pepers have put out over the years. i love how mellow the song is, but i just can't relate to it. california rest in piece? wtf?
  • see ya later funkyflea

    21. Mär. 2006, 23:04

    man, it's a huge blow to the arena to lose ya. doubt he'll read this but take at easy with the new life, house, management job..

    rawk on.