• Perfection

    2. Okt. 2011, 17:31

    Natalia Kills is a new and upcoming artist who is incredibly underrated. She has not been noticed yet, but now she has had a few singles with big names like LMFAO and hopefully people will take more notice of her talent.

    Perfection's first track is the title track, Perfection. Its more of an intro rather than a track and a brief look into her persona. Wonderland is a love song, about falling in love but not like a fairy tale. It is real and relate-able. The third track Free features and is about not needing money, but how we all love it.

    Kill My Boyfriend is a fantastic fushion of pop with darker rifts. It's so poptastic musically, but the lyrics are so fierce, what a masterpiece. Break You Hard shows a tough side to the whereas Zombie and Love Is a Suicide tells the story of a sour relationship with no love left.

    The lead single Mirrors is a fiery track all about sex and vanity. This song is more like the sexier Britney Spears tracks. Not in Love is another song about a lost love. She can do better than the lovey dovey songs, much alike Nothing Lasts Forever and If I Was God.

    Acid Annie is a powerful song about revenge and is a great listen when your pissed off. Superficial is a song about vanity and with a hint of black pride.

    Best Song: Kill My Boyfriend
    Worst Song Nothing Lasts Forever
    Rating 7/10

  • The Night The Sun Came Up

    2. Okt. 2011, 17:01

    The Night the Sun Came Up is the debut album by Dev. It is a fantastic blend of , and . She shows that she is very unique and can do her own thing.

    Getaway is the first track on the album and serves as an . It starts off as a little girl lost and goes on to show how she has toughened herself up. This is clear from the beautiful blend in tones throughout the song. The next track, In My Trunk is an explosion of arrogance telling everyone who is boss and is so kick-ass it makes Lady Gaga look muted!

    The album has another shift in moods with Me which shows a cuter more vulnerable side to Dev. She shows that she just wants to be loved especially by that special someone. Breathe is not just one of my favourite songs of the album, but one of my favourite songs of all time! It is so infectious, you cant help but sing along. The clappy beat will have you in a drace on the dancefloor.

    The fith track, Take Her From You is not my favourite. It is a lot slower than the rest of the songs, and a little bit scary. Is this song about jealousy over a best friend meeting someone else, or a bit more than friends?? The song does grow on you after a while though. Lightspeed is the next song which goes back to the confidence we saw in "In My Trunk", its about people always telling you to slow down and think about your future, when all you want to do is enjoy life for the moment. Its about taking life to the limit and i have fallen in love with the cough!!!

    Dancing Shoes and Perfect Match are both sweeter again, like in "Me". It shows the love of dancing and a lover. The more accoustic sound gives a more gentle breezy feel, completely different to anything else on the album.

    We all know the single Bass Down Low which somes up the album, if the beats not right then she doesnt want to know. Followed by a much sexier feel in Kiss My Lips, she shows how you can be attractive and in control. The song sums Dev up, she gets what she wants, and no shit. In the Dark Is another great song which has been released as the second single, perfect for clubbing.

    The closing track Shadows has a good chorus but and proves that Dev can sing too.

    The album is a great debut, and i look forward to hearing more from her. She has surprised us with a more accoustic sound then in the singles. Dev has really proven that she is not a one trick pony and can work in a lot of different styles.

    Best Track: Breathe
    Worst Track: Shadows
    Rating: 8/10

  • Femme Fatale

    17. Apr. 2011, 14:56

    Femme Fatale is Britney Spears new album which everyone has been eagerly anticipating. On the first listen it sounds very repetitive and following the crowd. However, after a few playbacks, you can hear britney's old style come through, and we remember why we fell in love with her all those years ago. Long Live the Princess of Pop!! x