• Musical Blasts From the Past

    29. Jan. 2008, 20:59

    Over the last 40 years I have kept up with the current trends in Rock music and my musical tastes have expanded and evolved. And while I consider myself current with Rock, the songs I've grown up with and loved, still bring back memories and emotions.

    That being said, I decided that I wanted to make a 'killer' play list that included old songs and new. But, how was I to remember all of those old songs?

    Top 100 lists are how!

    I found a site that has lists for years going back before I was born. I've included the link below for the top 100 list for 1968, which is where I'm beginning. I just find the songs I like on that list and then I search for them on last-fm and add them to my playlist. When I'm done with the top 100 list for a particular year, I change the date at the end its web address to the next year, and start searching that list.

    Hopefully, I'll have my 'killer' play list completed in the next month or so. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the hell out of re-discovering and listening to my old favorite songs.

    Of course, my all-time favorite music still remains along 'punk rock' lines.