VNV Nation @ The Paradise


18. Jul. 2009, 13:42

Fri 17 Jul – VNV Nation, Ayria, War Tapes, DJ Chris Ewen
Whenever VNV Nation comes to Boston, it always seems to be one of those shows that always sells out. No small wonder actually, considering how small the Paradise really is. I watched the show and spent most of the show moving to the beat up on the balcony.

The opener was awesome ... starting from Pro Victoria right into Joy! For a band with 7 studio albums out, there is an increasingly larger volume of older material. I would have really liked to hear something off Advance And Follow (V2), but it was not meant to be. Also, there was no Honour.

As with any concert, there were a couple of stand-out tracks. I'm a very big fan of Chrome and the crowd got really into it. Even the folks up in the back, who were by and large less animated than the floor started to sway a little. Nemesis was also done extremely well.

The second most fun I've ever had at a show ... next to their concert in Rochester, NY in 2007. I managed to soak through everything I wore, my legs are chaffed, and the rest of me is sore ... it was an experience for sure! If I had the money and more time off from work (but mostly money), I'd try to catch another show on the tour.


  • Snerdly

    I was especially moved when they played Beloved, and Ronan changed the chorus lyrics slightly to "I am so proud of what you are," and gestured toward the audience. That was just too cool.

    19. Jul. 2009, 21:32
  • enderschaos

    Fantastic show for sure. Heard almost all of my favorite songs of theirs, including Dark Angel.

    22. Jul. 2009, 12:23
  • sweenerborg

    Agreed, the show was fantastic. It was the first concert I have ever been to, and I'm afraid it set might have set my expectations too high.

    10. Jan. 2010, 11:22
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