Album Review: Agua de Annique - In Your Room (2009)


6. Mai. 2012, 18:44

Agua de Annique - In Your Room

In Your Room is the third solo album of Anneke van Giersbergen, former singer of The Gathering, with the most powerful and amazing voice I have ever heard. (Sorry for keeping repeating this.) I bought this album together with one of her previous solo albums: Air, somewhere around 2009/2010. In Your Room is a very easy, happy and light album with a poppy sound. At first I didn't like it, because I missed some of the depth, complicated lyrics and dark feelings of her earlier work. Although I still don't consider it one of her best albums, her honesty, enthusiasm and the catchy sound of the songs stole my heart and I started to like it more and more. And with the release of her last album Everything is Changing, I can really see how she is growing in her solo career and finally found her own way and her own sound. On this album she is almost there, but not completely. The album starts with Pearly, a happy kind of song with strange lyrics. It keeps me wondering what she's singing about. Not a very special song to me though. Second song is Hey Okay!, a very funny song with hilarious simple lyrics: "Hey okay, why don't you stay another day, and if it feels alright why don't you stay another night." I hated these lyrics at first, because they lack any depth. But the song is so catchy and funny that I finally fell for it and now I really love it and like to sing along.

The album continues with I Want, a great and powerful song on which she is showing some anger and frustration as well. A great song for live performances. Wonder is a more quiet and melancholic song, but also a little bit boring in my opinion.

The album continues with The World, one of the more powerful songs on the album and also one of my favourites. I'm not really sure what she is singing about, but it seems like she is making some kind of statement. Some parts are sung by Joris Dirks, the guitar player. This song really rocks, especially live. Next song is Sunny Side Up, a great funny and happy song. As I understood correctly the song was written in one hour during the Christian radio show "Xnoizz". The song is about the disc jockey of the show, named "Miranda". Anneke liked the song so much that she decided to release it as a single. She used the single to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Chile in February 2010. The album continues with Physical, again a great song with very funny and catchy lyrics, that have some similarities with The Logical Song. One of the more rockier songs on the album, and one of my favourites as well. Next song is Home Again, a more quiet, acoustic song and although it's sung beautifully, it's one of the weakest songs on the album in my opinion. It is followed by Wide Open, again a more up-tempo song. And also this song really rocks during a live performance. Longest Day is a more melancholic song. The lyrics are about flying in an airplane and being away from her love and family. Considering the lyrics this song should have been on "Air", with its stewardess-theme. It is a beautiful song, but not one of my favourites. For some reason none of the slower songs on this album really seem to grab me, although I usually like melancholic, slow piano ballads. They are all beautifully sung, but also seem to be a bit flat. Maybe they're just suffering from bad production. The next song Just Fine was co-written by Devin Townsend. It's a rock song with a very good rhythm, but not really special to me. The final song on the album is Adore, the only song on this album that wasn't written (or co-written) by Anneke van Giersbergen. It was written by her bass player Jacques de Haard and Cyril Crutz. Also a song that doesn't really grab me. It's a little bit too sweet for my taste I think. The cover of the album fits with the content. It's a funny picture of Anneke's head coming literally into 'your room'. I would have liked a bigger booklet, also containing the lyrics, but the personal message of Anneke is very nice. And mine contains Anneke's signature as well, which is great of course! Overall this might not be her best album, but it's still an album I like with some great, positive, honest and happy songs.

Best tracks: Hey Okay!, I Want, The World, Sunny Side Up, Physical, Wide Open

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  • MustBeDreaming1

    I'm glad that the album has eventually grown on you :-) I remember when Hey Okay came out, many fans felt frustrated because of that simple rhythm and frivolous lyrics, but for me it was like "oh, that's what I need right now!!!" I initially got into the album :-) The strangest thing about this album is that upbeat tracks like Hey Okay and Sunny Side Up are stronger for me than ballads like Wonder of Longest Day. Though I really like Adore, definitely my favourite song off the record. Plus Hey Okay, Sunny Side Up, Just Fine and Physical... And that's great your cd contains Anneke's autograph! Was the album sold with it or you got it personally? :-) PS. Funny thing about the cover - I always thought she's been living with her head in that room for some time, because there's no litter on the floor (I mean pieces of boards and paint that should've had remained after the floorcrash) and her hair looking so accurate :D

    20. Mai. 2012, 7:59
  • irisvanhoorn

    Haha, yes you're right! There is no mess on the floor! :-) But it must be inconvenient to live with your head in a house like that :-P Funny thing indeed :-D I'm also glad the album eventually grew on me, though it was a big change from 'old Anneke' with deep dark songs (also during The Gathering) to this very happy 'new Anneke'. And it's true, the more happy, upbeat songs are the best on the album. I only don't agree with you on Adore, never liked it very much. I bought the CD with Anneke's autograph on it (at her webshop). But I also met her once, after the second last concert in Utrecht. My boyfriend got his copy of Everything is Changing with an autograph there (I had already bought mine, but didn't bring it with me to get it signed). I was surprised she is so small btw! She couldn't be much taller than 1.60 m, which is about my length. It's funny but I always like it when people are small like me :-) She seems really nice and sweet in person as well. Hope you will manage to meet her after the concert in November!

    20. Mai. 2012, 8:51
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