The Best of The Gathering (Top-25)


26. Feb. 2012, 20:34

I don't think there is any other band for which it is so difficult to make a top list for as The Gathering. They have such a lot of very good songs! But I did my best and picked my 25 most favourite songs of this moment, out of the 122 songs I have listened to.

25. Analog Park (If_then_else, 2000)
24. Pale Traces (The West Pole, 2009)
23. These Good People (Souvenirs, 2003)
22. Third Chance (Nighttime Birds, 1997)
21. On Most Surfaces (Inuït) (Nighttime Birds, 1997)

20. Herbal Movement (If_then_else, 2000)
19. A Constant Run (The West Pole, 2009)
18. Souvenirs (Souvenirs, 2003)
17. Probably Built in the Fifties (How to Measure a Planet?, 1998)
16. Monsters (Souvenirs, 2003)

15. All You Are (The West Pole, 2009)
14. Eléanor (Mandylion, 1995)
13. Nighttime Birds (Nighttime Birds, 1997)
12. Morphia's Waltz (If_then_else, 2000)
11. Waking Hour (Home, 2006)

10. You Promised Me a Symphony (The West Pole, 2009)
09. Shortest Day (Home, 2006)
08. Broken Glass (Souvenirs, 2003)
07. My Electricity (How to Measure a Planet?, 1998)
06. Home (Home, 2006)

05. Heroes for Ghosts (2011)
04. In Between (Home, 2006)
03. Saturnine (If_then_else, 2000)
02. Strange Machines (Mandylion, 1995)
01. Amity (If_then_else, 2000)

1. A Noise Severe - 141 pts
2. Accessories - 99 pts
3. Sleepy Buildings: A Semi Acoustic Evening - 79 pts
4. Home - 74 pts
5. Superheat - 70 pts
6. If_then_else - 69 pts
7. Souvenirs - 39 pts
8. Mandylion - 36 pts
9. The West Pole - 36 pts
10. How to Measure a Planet? - 28 pts
11. Nighttime Birds - 22 pts
12. City From Above - 13 pts
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  • MustBeDreaming1

    Nice list :-) Though I guess, it's not really stable (just like mine) - they have enough different songs to change the list every day :D And it's funny that the favourite album is presented by two songs only ;-) Though I also had the same problem: Mandylion lost to Souvenirs and The West Pole :-)

    29. Feb. 2012, 16:12
  • irisvanhoorn

    Thanks! We have some big differences, but also some similarities I think. And you're right, the list is not stable at all, it's changing every day! Mandylion is quite low on the list indeed, with only 2 songs. It has a few reasons I think: 1) It contains only 8 songs. 2) I like the album as a whole but when listening I cannot really recognize all the different songs. So if you would ask me if I like in motion #1 or #2 better, I just don't know because I don't really know the difference by head (kind of a shame after such a lot of listens ;-) ) So that's why most of the songs are not that high on the list. But when I listen the album I really enjoy every part of it, it is so great! Anyway this might sound weird, but it's a bit of an explanation. :-)

    29. Feb. 2012, 19:48
  • MustBeDreaming1

    About In Motions it's funny, because #2 is my favourite song from the album, while #1 is the second from the bottom, right after Fear The Sea :-) And it's unfair indeed when the best albums containing less songs than others lose in the top-list only because of it :-) BTW, funny story about this kind of repeativeness of the album: before the WT concert some music played in the club, and at some piont Strange Machines started. It was a dialogue between me and my fellow, who is TG fan too: Me: “Oh, The Gathering, Mandylion, mmm, I love it!”. She: “Oh, yesss, me too! But… What song is it?” Me: “Leaves!” She: “Oh, yes, of course. Stop. Is it? Sounds like Strange Machines!” – “No, it’s Leaves.” – “Yes, it is.” – “Or Strange Machines?” – “No, it’s Leaves.” – “No, it’s Strange Machines!” – “No, it’s Leaves!” (the lyrics begin) Me: “Now you see, it’s Strange Machines!” She: “No! It’s Leaves!” Me: “Leaves start with Anneke closing her eyes with his mouth, and it’s Strange Machines!” She: “Okay, indeed… Need to re-listen Mandylion” :D

    2. Mär. 2012, 19:31
  • irisvanhoorn

    Haha, sounds funny indeed! And I can really imagine, I have the same problem with Mandylion! I mix up Leaves and Eléanor as well sometimes and of course the In Motions, as already mentioned... It's just that some of the melodies sound a bit the same (which is great, because it makes the songs fitting together really well and flowing over into each other). And also the names of the songs are not really logical in my opinion (except for Strange Machines and Fear the Sea)

    3. Mär. 2012, 9:01
  • MustBeDreaming1

    Ha-ha, you're right about everything and the song names especially: I also don't see any connection between titles and lyrics there :D

    3. Mär. 2012, 11:56
  • fassade_uc

    analog park in 25 place!!!!... mmhh... i put it in my first 10º.... Greetings from Chile

    13. Mär. 2012, 0:47
  • Pantelika

    Great list!

    5. Mai. 2012, 15:31
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