Tori Amos Night of Hunters tour Amsterdam Carré (17 October 2011)


3. Nov. 2011, 20:34

Although it's already more than 2 weeks ago I would still like to tell you something about my experience during the latest Tori Amos concert in Amsterdam Carré on 17 October 2011. It was amazing, breathtaking and beautiful. I have laughed and cried, although I had this kind of stupid smile on my face the whole time! Come on... who needs drugs when we have Tori Amos?! Together with four amazing string-players who were playing like their lives were depending on it. Yes it was amazing, such a lot of songs. I've never experienced anything that can compare to this, so I hope she will visit The Netherlands again some day soon.

Opener was Shattering Sea from her new album Night of Hunters which was her opening track for all of her concerts during this tour. I really liked the wildness and the kind of anger in her performance. Also the string arrangements were somewhat different from the album version and very great.

Next song was Way Down, one of the shorter tracks from Boys for Pele and never one of my favourites, followed by Suede from To Venus and Back. Also this was a song I never really got into. But the way she played it live was very wild and sexy and it really showed what she stated in the last song of the evening. The string arrangements were very strange and experimental, because this song is originally an electronic song. She continued with Graveyard, one of her b-sides which was once released on the maxi-single of Caught a Light Sneeze during the Boys for Pele era. This was actually the first time I heard this beautiful cute little song. It was followed by one of my favourites Snow Cherries From France which is also a kind of b-side that was released on the compilation album Tales of a Librarian. I had already seen this song once performed live during her concert with the Metropole Orchestra and it is a song that is really very well suited for string arrangements. The melody is very nice and so is the kind of dialog between piano and strings. I am really glad that she choose this song.

The following song was Fearlessness from her latest album Night of Hunters. I had the feeling this live performance was a bit faster than the album version. The string parts were very great, very melancholic with a lot of high tones.

The next three songs were performed solo (without the string quartet) starting with Pandora's Aquarium from From the Choirgirl Hotel, a kind of weird, mysterious but also very sad song with very cryptic lyrics. She continued with a very surprising choice in my opinion: That Guy from the album Abnormally Attracted To Sin, a song I never payed much attention to, but actually a very beautiful song which she played very passionately and sad at the same time. It was followed by one of her most funny little songs: Mr. Zebra from the album Boys for Pele.

Then she continued together with the string quartet again, performing one of my most favourite songs: Cloud On My Tongue from Under the Pink. It was so beautiful that I had to cry and I was so happy she did this song. The melody, the lyrics, the strings, the emotions, just great. For me this was one of the best songs of the whole evening.

The following song was Girl Disappearing from the American Doll Posse album. Another song she had also played during her live performance together with the Metropole Orchestra.

Next song was another amazing, breathtaking song from her latest album Night of Hunters, called Star Whisperer. Especially the instrumental part is very great. I missed the sound of the Oboe from the album a little bit. But this was compensated with the amazing string arrangements and the dialogs between the two violins which were absolutely fantastic. Also this song gave me tears in my eyes!

Like she does during every concert, also this time she did a few covers. The first one Boys in the Trees was originally by Carly Simon and I never heard it before. It is a very beautiful touching song, which she played solo (without the string quartet).

She continued with Roosterspur Bridge from the album American Doll Posse, again a solo performance. This never was one of my favourite songs, but her performance is very beautiful.

It was followed by the second cover of the evening: Scarborough Fair, a really great song and I'm very glad she picked this one for this evening. She continued with a totally different song: Cruel from the album From the Choirgirl Hotel. This song is wild and vigorous and although the original version is electronic, arrangements were made for the string quartet which were very weird and experimental and fitted well with the atmosphere of the song. The lyrics are really great, I especially like the part when she sings "as you sh-sh-shock me sane", just brilliant! Also one of my favourite songs of the evening in all its weirdness.

Twinkle was the next song she performed, from the album Boys for Pele. A surprising choice, not really special to me though. It was followed by another beautiful song from Night of Hunters called Nautical Twilight. The string parts were really beautiful during the live performance, especially the high tones of the first violin. A very beautiful and powerful song.

The next song was Siren a song she wrote for the soundtrack of the movie Great Expectations. I never heard it before, but it is a really great song. I hope she will release it on an album again one day, a b-sides and covers album would be nice.

She continued with one of her most beautiful songs ever: Winter from her first album Little Earthquakes. I already saw this song live with the Metropole Orchestra. But also this time was really beautiful. It is a song that fits so well with the strings, creating an atmosphere that is just breathtaking.

The first encore started with an instrumental piece by The Apollon Musagete Quartet, called A Multitude Of Shades which was followed by Your Ghost, another very beautiful song from the new album Night of Hunters.

For the second encore she continued with Cooling, again one of her b-sides. A song from the Boys for Pele era which was finally released as a b-side on the single Spark. It is a very special song and it was clear how much she likes to play it. Personally I have a little bit of a difficult relationship with this song: on some days I really love it and on some other days I have trouble getting really into it and it doesn't touch me at all. Luckily on this day it did.

She continued with another b-side, also released on the Spark single, called Purple People. I didn't listen to this song very much before and I was never really touched by it, but this live performance was very very beautiful and touching as well. It is a sad song with really beautiful lyrics.

Baker Baker was the next song from the album Under the Pink. Another song I already saw with the Metropole Orchestra and which is one of my all time favourites. I really love the lyrics of this song and also the string arrangements were fitting very well.

The final song was Big Wheel from the album American Doll Posse. A song I started to appreciate more because of the concert. A lot of people were standing and clapping their hands with the rhythm, which created a great atmosphere among the audience. I didn't expect her to perform it together with the string quartet because I didn't think it would fit, but it was actually very good. The lyrics of this song are so feministic and powerful, but kind of naughty at the same time. A great finale of a really great evening!

1. Shattering Sea
2. Way Down
3. Suede
4. Graveyard
5. Snow Cherries From France
6. Fearlessness
7. Pandora's Aquarium
8. That Guy
9. Mr. Zebra
10. Cloud On My Tongue
11. Girl Disappearing
12. Star Whisperer
13. Boys in the Trees
14. Roosterspur Bridge
15. Scarborough Fair
16. Cruel
17. Twinkle
18. Nautical Twilight
19. Siren
20. Winter


21. A Multitude Of Shades
22. Your Ghost


23. Cooling
24. Purple People
25. Baker Baker
26. Big Wheel

And at last: thanks to all the people who shared their videos on YouTube!
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  • MustBeDreaming1

    Oh, I listened to this live version of Winter (actually, the only song I'm really into from the set-list), and it's amazing! And about the review and concert generally: I like it so much when musicians create new arrangements for live performances, and especially it's great when new one is the opposite of the original one, like electronics turned into strings :-) And the quantity of songs! Just unbelievable! Tori is a BIG professional! Lots of respect for her! And thank you for sharing your good emotions, I'm so glad you were on this concert! :-)

    5. Nov. 2011, 19:11
  • irisvanhoorn

    Thank you! I once read (or saw, I'm not sure) an interview with Tori where she stated she never plays a song twice in exactly the same way. She said it would be disrespectful to the piano or something, because she considers the piano as a living thing. Yes I know she is crazy! :-D But anyway it's great that she thinks this way! (Although my boyfriend thought it was a little bit too experimental, he likes her better on the studio albums. But he's not really a Tori fan.) I loved every minute of it. And Winter is just so beautiful with the strings and this live show, it just made me cry. She's also really nice towards the audience, giving them "kissing-hands" (don't know if that's the correct word). She doesn't talk much during the show, but the things she say are really nice and showing that she's grateful that people are coming to her show. I really like it when artists act like that, instead of behaving arrogant or egocentric.

    5. Nov. 2011, 21:09
  • MustBeDreaming1

    as I understood, she considers almost every_thing as a living thing! :-) oh, she is such a nice person, I'm definitely falling in love :D I think it's time for Boys For Pele! :-)

    12. Nov. 2011, 11:16
  • irisvanhoorn

    Haha, good to hear that! Yes she's a bit crazy, she also talks about her songs as "girls" or "sonic shapes". I'm curious to hear what you think of Boys for Pele. It is her most experimental album and I still have difficulties with it.

    12. Nov. 2011, 11:28
  • MustBeDreaming1

    I'm listening to it right now, and I think I like it more than Under The Pink (original version of Professional Widow rocks!), I'll write a bit more when I listen to it a bit more :-)

    12. Nov. 2011, 11:56
  • MustBeDreaming1

    offtopic: I'm SO in love with Bells For Her! my new favourte song from UTP :-) it's so beautiful, pure magic!

    12. Nov. 2011, 12:04
  • irisvanhoorn

    It's one of my favourite songs as well!

    18. Nov. 2011, 9:34
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