RA Podcast: RA.249 Discodeine


24. Sep. 2011, 20:54

RA goes outside the box as hectic French duo Discodeine are bringing an exceptional mix for pure home listening. Though the teamwork of Pilooski and Pentile made their name by producing impeccable club tracks, they’re not following the “let’s play it safe deep house mix” cliche, instead, the go off-road crafting a selection in a deliciously lo-fi manner. Thusly, having put it on an entirely different level, they eagerly take you on an imaginary excursion with a definite narrative touch. The thing is, that no actual mixing is involved, on the contrary the tracks act more like separate chapters of one fabulous story depicting its various parts. It gets even more alluring as the whole thing does sound coherent and distinct contemplating the most versatile coloring of the music universe with proper disco-ball parts and more subtle sounds. Nevertheless, the mix turns out to be danceable by happenstance, rather than by design and as the time deepens and sharpens its antagonistic parts, the many moods of the story behind the mix get superimposed mashing everything up into one kaleidoscopic hodgepodge.



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