1200 mics 90s 90s hard rock absolutely unrelenting carnage al jourgensen album opener alternative rock american are members of clutch atmospheric bands that would eat children if only they could fit a whole one inside their mouths bay area thrash metal brutal death metal bullet-fast drums canadian chris barnes chuck schuldiner classic shit da real underground old skool hip hop deathgrind deep and meaningful depressive depressive hard rock depressive metal desperately seeking despair devin townsend egyptian themed death metal emotional and dramatic build-up experimental experimental rock metal mike patton project favorite hip-hop florida death metal from: finland good for driving good music with the taint of christianity good nu-metal grand riffage grindcore groove metal groove-oriented riffage heavy as fuck helped me make it through the 90s hevy devy highly influential artist hip-hop huge melvins influence huge neurosis influence industrial metal instrumental intellectual hip-hop ithyphallic metal live love it or leave it lyrically centered hip-hop lyrically skilled mad scientist maryland rock melancholic melodic death metal members of clutch metalcore mike patton more groove based then cannibal corpse music to kill yourself to neurot artist old school death metal old school thrash metal panfuckingtera political political hip hop post-metal progressive death metal progressive industrial metal progressive metal progressive rock re: pig destroyer real hip-hop reasons to love 90s ridiculously long song titles sick drumming sludge songs about magic elves and shit southern thrashy death metal stoner strictly for the undergound supergroup swedish swedish death metal technical brutal death metal technical death grind technical death metal technical deathcore technologically paranoid the crow soundtrack the saddest fucking song i have ever heard thrashy brutal death metal trade-off guitar solos underground hip-hop when dillinger was more awesome where boris got their name from