SlayerRaining Blood Lieblingslied 87
ClutchThe Mob Goes Wild Lieblingslied 82
SlayerAngel of Death Lieblingslied 73
CrowbarAll I Had (I Gave) Lieblingslied 69
Orange GoblinAcid Trial Lieblingslied 69
ClutchCypress Grove Lieblingslied 68
Orange GoblinThe Fog Lieblingslied 68
DownStone the Crow Lieblingslied 67
ClutchPromoter (Of Earthbound Causes) Lieblingslied 67
SlayerWar Ensemble Lieblingslied 66
ClutchProfits of Doom Lieblingslied 65
SlayerSeasons In The Abyss Lieblingslied 63
CrowbarHigh Rate Extinction Lieblingslied 61
MadballGet Out Lieblingslied 61
ClutchThe Regulator Lieblingslied 61
Clutch10001110101 Lieblingslied 61
SlayerSouth Of Heaven Lieblingslied 60
DownBury Me in Smoke Lieblingslied 60
The Company BandZombie Barricades Lieblingslied 60
CrowbarI Have Failed Lieblingslied 59
CrowbarThe Cemetery Angels Lieblingslied 59
Strapping Young LadAll Hail the New Flesh Lieblingslied 58
FolsomLivin' Lieblingslied 58
Orange GoblinRed Tide Rising Lieblingslied 58
CarcassHeartwork Lieblingslied 57
ClutchMercury Lieblingslied 56
Orange GoblinStand for Something Lieblingslied 56
SasquatchChemical Lady Lieblingslied 55
FolsomMy Apologies Lieblingslied 55
Strapping Young LadOh My Fucking God Lieblingslied 54
The Company BandIt's a Confusing World Lieblingslied 54
FolsomLooking Good (And being scene) Lieblingslied 53
SlayerPostmortem Lieblingslied 52
MadballAcross Your Face Lieblingslied 52
CrowbarFixation Lieblingslied 52
Orange GoblinThe Filthy and the Few Lieblingslied 52
Blues PillsDevil Man Lieblingslied 52
SlayerAggressive Perfector Lieblingslied 50
SlayerThe Antichrist Lieblingslied 49
SlayerCaptor Of Sin Lieblingslied 49
SlayerChemical Warfare Lieblingslied 49
SlayerDead Skin Mask Lieblingslied 49
ClutchWorm Drink Lieblingslied 49
BaronessRays on Pinion Lieblingslied 49
Orange GoblinDeath of Aquarius Lieblingslied 49
Death Before DishonorCoffin Nail Lieblingslied 48
Death Before DishonorOur Glory Days Lieblingslied 48
Orange GoblinSave Me from Myself Lieblingslied 48
Agnostic FrontYour Mistake Lieblingslied 47
ClutchArmy of Bono Lieblingslied 47