• Yay for Crystal Castles clones

    14. Jun. 2010, 16:41

    I wish there were more music similar to CC, HR, YLHCSD and Kap Bambino. These four seem to be the only bands in the world that perform in the genre (which doesn't even have a universally accepted name). I see no problem with CC cloning at all - PLZ MOAR!

    Crystal Castles
    You Love Her Coz She's Dead
    Kap Bambino

    [In response to hateful comments some of which I had to delete: I am full aware that each one of these bands has a unique sound and some people may think they sound nothing like each other. Nevertheless I think it is reliable to say they all belong to the same genre. The term "CC clone" bears no negative connotation for me and in my interpretation simply means music that sounds closely similar to CC. I am not using it to degrade said bands or hurt anyone's feelings.

    Also, yes I know KP came out before CC.]

    Update July 10: I've discovered I Haunt Wizards, who remind me of Crystal Castles' early works. But they're pretty decent in their own right and I highly recommend them to anyone who's into the above-mentioned bands.

    Edit: 09/22/11:
    Gary War sounds a lot like the above-mentioned bands, I highly recommend them!

    Also, the new YLHCSD stuff sucks shit.