Alice in ChainsAll Secrets Known Lieblingslied 118
Marilyn MansonDevour Lieblingslied 112
MorrisseySpeedway Lieblingslied 110
Marilyn MansonIf I Was Your Vampire Lieblingslied 101
Team SleepElizabeth Lieblingslied 92
MuseEscape Lieblingslied 87
Type O NegativeI Don't Wanna Be Me Lieblingslied 83
She Wants RevengeRachael Lieblingslied 81
MuseUndisclosed Desires Lieblingslied 74
She Wants RevengeA Hundred Kisses Lieblingslied 70
OursFallen Souls Lieblingslied 67
Team SleepParis Arm Lieblingslied 65
MuseStockholm Syndrome Lieblingslied 62
GG AllinOutlaw Scumfuc Lieblingslied 61
Marilyn MansonIn the Shadow of the Valley of Death Lieblingslied 59
MorrisseyIt's Not Your Birthday Anymore Lieblingslied 59
Alice CooperDesperado Lieblingslied 51
Marilyn MansonSuicide Is Painless (Johnny Mandel Cover) Lieblingslied 51
Team SleepTomb of Liegia Lieblingslied 51
MuseIn Your World Lieblingslied 50
The CureLost Lieblingslied 50
GG AllinDie When You Die Lieblingslied 49
MorrisseyI Know It's Gonna Happen Someday Lieblingslied 47
The CureFire In Cairo Lieblingslied 47
The SmithsHow Soon Is Now? Lieblingslied 46
The CureAnniversary Lieblingslied 45
The SmithsThis Charming Man Lieblingslied 44
She Wants RevengeSomeone Must Get Hurt Lieblingslied 44
Marilyn MansonGreat Big White World Lieblingslied 42
Type O NegativeDie With Me Lieblingslied 41
Marilyn MansonJust A Car Crash Away Lieblingslied 41
She Wants RevengePretend The World Has Ended Lieblingslied 41
The SmithsHeaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Lieblingslied 40
Mr. BungleThe Holy Filament Lieblingslied 39
AFIEndlessly, She Said Lieblingslied 39
Mr. BungleRetrovertigo Lieblingslied 38
She Wants RevengeChecking Out Lieblingslied 38
MorrisseySuch a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference Lieblingslied 37
DanzigBlood And Tears Lieblingslied 36
MuseThe Small Print Lieblingslied 36
IAMXSpit It Out Lieblingslied 36
Type O NegativeIn Praise of Bacchus Lieblingslied 35
Mr. BungleThe Air Conditioned Nightmare Lieblingslied 35
MuseMK Ultra Lieblingslied 35
The SmithsI Know It's Over Lieblingslied 34
Life of AgonyThis Time Lieblingslied 34
Mr. BungleSweet Charity Lieblingslied 34
MorrisseyJack The Ripper Lieblingslied 33
MorrisseyThe Loop Lieblingslied 33
The CureBoys Don't Cry Lieblingslied 32