• how disappointing

    30. Mai. 2012, 11:15

    Fri 25 May – The Horrors, TOY, Beak>, Bo Ningen

    So i get into Brixton and look around i got in there fast which was great and the horrors were on in half an hour so i went to the bar which was dreadful missed the first song but got into the crowd who obviously thought they were too cool to dance around but that didn't stop me. It was all going good i was enjoying the performances but they kept playing all the third album which bummed me out because i was waiting strange house they then had what i thought was a break but instead was an encore about 45 minutes into the show still no song were played from strange house so i thought maybe now they will play the first album in what i thought was the second half, instead they played moving away which was a brilliant performance but then finished. i paid 30 pounds for an hour of them playing, not only that but they didn't play ANY strange house. that ruined my whole night. poor.
  • last of the shadow puppets

    27. Mär. 2009, 18:12

    my obsession is growing stronger people!
    i cannot stop listening to their wonderful voices :)
    ladyhawke has turned into the one that i have listened to WAY too much and need a break from her :)
    still love her though
    and one day i will have her haircut!
    and that song JIZZ IN MY PANTS-The lonely island..all i can say is amazing <3
    so talented ^^