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24. Sep. 2006, 7:41

i went last night to see Tiamat, live, unfortunatly at the same place i saw Lake of Tears. if anyone read that review, you might remember i complained about being hot and smokey and hardly able to breathe. same here. but, just like then, the concert was definitely worth it. although i do wish i won't have to go there anymore.

as openers, two romanian bands. the first, KrAtOS was a complete mess. they were trying to immitate Nightwish, and they did it badly. they did have some sound problems, but to the end, they had a set of songs that sounded exactly the same. kinda boring.

next was a band called Grimegod. they were somewhat of a speed/trash metal band. not my style, however, i must say i was impressed. not necessarilly by the music because, as i said, it's not my style, but by the dedication. the lead singer was so involved in what he was singing (and i couldn't understand *what* he was singing) that i couldn't help but get involved myself. they were definitely more proffessional than kratos and it showed. it wasn't ridiculous anymore, it was a good concert, which, if you're into really hard metal, you will most definitely enjoy.

and then of course came tiamat. i am speechless. an amazing performance, with the same note i've been adding ever since the Helloween concert: not much communication from the artist to the crowd. i suppose they are just used to playing their songs and not much else. and i can accept that if they play their songs well, and they played their songs very well.

my personal favorite, I Am In Love With Myself was there on the list, but i have surprisingly noticed that i was the only one jumping around at that particular song. i loved it, but the crowd just sat and listened. the crowd's favorite was apparently The Sleeping Beauty, which was a good song, but not one of my favorites of the night.

i knew many songs before the concert, and yet i discovered many songs i didn't know but i liked. i am currently listening to them. the most impressive live was Whatever That Hurts which, as a studio track that i listened five minutes ago did not sound as impressive. however, i remember a great crowd movement and a great sound from last night. a definite favorite was also Wings Of Heaven. however, i was unpleasantly surprised about how they played Gaia, a song that i liked before the concert. it was way too long, somehow the guitar solo didn't reach the place i was at, and it kept on dragging and dragging.

altogether, a great concert and, again, an amazing atmosphere. maybe the hall brought it, because it's small and it looked much more impressive with the people crowded lifting their hands up high. and also the screams of the public (lots of screams, btw) were much louder in that particular hall. i think the band was impressed by the devotion of the crowd, i can say i was. and there was of course the guy behind me who knew all the words and shouted them in my ear to complete the experience.

as an endnote, they, like Placebo, said at some point 'see you soon'. i sure hope more and more artists are impressed by our public and come back. because we have a great public here. and because i want to see more and more bands live :D.


  • bontzy

    mark my words that's the last concert i miss that i can afford *sheds tear*

    24. Sep. 2006, 17:05
  • ilyawh

    good luck with that ;)

    25. Sep. 2006, 6:40
  • luci_looke

    fusei si eu la concertul asta de care tot vorbesti tu acolo...in mare parte iti dau dreptate...desi la I am in love with myself mai erau cativa care se agitau...cel putin prin primul rand ;). La partea cu comunicarea...mie mi s-a parut incredibil ca, desi stiam ca lui Edlund ii e frica de aglomeratie/necunoscuti, a coborat de pe scena (la fel ca toata trupa) ca sa salute fanii. La mini-sesiunea de autografe de dupa concert au zis ca le-ar placea sa revina (stiu, asa zic toti... dar macar putem sa speram :D).

    25. Sep. 2006, 21:28
  • luci_looke

    25. Sep. 2006, 21:29
  • LeadersCome

    Wildhoney album <3

    26. Sep. 2006, 15:51
  • ilyawh

    nu stiam nimic de edlund si frica lui de necunoscuti... de fapt a trebuit sa-l intreb pe prietenul meu cine e edlund :))) (can you tell i'm not a huge tiamat fan?)... eu vorbesc de in timpul concertului... sincer, poate am asteptari prea mari, dar imi place o comunicare continua cu publicul, mai mult decat cativa de 'thank you' si 'you rule'...

    28. Sep. 2006, 17:15
  • Mauz_

    Let me just correct that Grimegod aren't speed/thrash metal. They are death doom metal. :)

    6. Mär. 2007, 14:47
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