Top 50 artists questions


19. Apr. 2008, 3:42

Yeah, I'm a sucker for an excuse to write about music that I like.

Top Artists.
(I don't listen to a huge amount of music while on my computer. As a result, I have a lot of ties and some very large ones at that. Disputes are settled by rule of I'll pick whichever one I want to write about, fools.)

1. How did you get into 31?
Röyksopp was recommended to me by friends and, finally I relented to listen to some and I really liked them.

2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
We Have a Map of the Piano. It's still one of my very favorites by them, and I actually remember hearing it for the first time very well. It was late at night and when I heard that track, I immediately downloaded Finally We Are No One and listened to it as I went to sleep. Still my favorite album, too.

3. What's your favourite lyric by 29?
Thom Yorke - A Rat's Nest
clicks on the phone.
I cannot help you.
caught by own worm.
caught in a rat's nest.
eat own young.
chew through wires
sewn up in stitches, stitches.
deny all knowledge.
paragraph 5.
subsection b.
the comittee is content. content.
to live in a rat's nest.
rat's nest

4. What is your favourite album by 49?
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Bat Chain Puller

5. How many albums by 13 do you own?
Four Jimi Hendrix albums.
Electric Ladyland
Hendrix In The West
The King's Jam

6. What is your favourite song by 50?
1KB - dr110 electro

7. Is there a song by 4 that makes you sad?
The Knife - Still Light, it devastates my insides.

8. What is your favourite song by 15?
Under Byen - Den Her Sang Handler Om At Få Det Bedste Ud Af Det
But that could change any time.

9. What is your favourite song by 5?
If the artist is Aphex Twin, can I use AFX? I'll assume so and say W32.Mydoom.AU@mm

10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
Every song by Battles is satisfying, and most make me happy. If I have to choose which makes me happiest, I'd say Tras

11. What is your favourite album by 40?
M. Ward - Transistor Radio

12. What is your favourite song by 12?
Daft Punk - Steam Machine

13. What is a good memory you have involving 33?
Beirut? My best memory is of hearing Postcards From Italy on my playlist for probably the 10th time and then suddenly listening to the incredible horn part at the end and realizing how simple and beautiful it is.

14. What is your favourite song by 37?
The Stand-Up Beans - But I Do, because I can rock it out on the bass.

15. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?
My number-19 artist is the result of badly-tagged múm songs, so the track that makes me happiest by múm is There Is a Number of Small Things

16. How many times have you seen 24 live?

17. What is the first song you ever heard by 17?
Fionn Regan - Put A Penny In The Slot

18. What is your favourite album by 11?
Beach House - Beach House

19. Who is a favourite member of 1?
The man, the maestro, the only option, Andrés Segovia himself.

20. Have you ever seen 14 live?
Impossible to see Elliott Smith live, I'd love to see Under Byen but I haven't yet.

21. What is a good memory involving 21?
Feist... Hearing Sea Lion Woman for the first time was great.

22. What is your favourite song by 16?
Boards of Canada - Dawn Chorus

23. What is the first song you ever heard by 47?
J.S. Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
That's actually one of the first songs I remember hearing in my lifetime. It was on a lullabye cassette I listened to when I was 2-3 years old. Still a wonderful song.

24. What is your favourite album by 45?
Kings of Convenience - Riot on an Empty Street