• Desert Island Discs

    26. Jun. 2009, 22:01

    (Should have posted this here sooner)

    At work, we’ve been doing Desert Island Discs and this week is my turn. I’ll be buggered if I’m writing all this lot up and not turning it into a blog post.

    I win. No seriously, I win this game because I have had a theme tune written for me. Well, technically it was written for my blog, oh okay, it was inspired by the name of my blog. What? This isn’t a contest and I can’t win? Oh. Sorry.

    According to my mother my first musical experience was dancing (or being danced, as I was baby at the time) round the room to T Rex. Was I too young to be influenced by this? Or did it somehow generate an interest in dinosaurs rather than glam rock? Lucky escape.

    Adam and the AntsStand and Deliver
    I was torn between a classic Ants track or something from his later albums. In the end memories of Saturday morning’s spent watching this video on Multi-Coloured Swap Shop won the day (but if you’ve only heard his old material check out the 1995 album “Wonderful”).

    Drill QueenBorn Depressed
    Justin is an information architect with whom I worked on several projects; he also played guitar for Drill Queen.

    Traveling WilburysTweeter and the Monkey Man
    Just about the only bits of vinyl from my dad’s music collection that I copied to tape, and one of the few bands that Lettice and I both love. It looks like the record label have been at YouTube so we’re lucky to find this animation:

    Moxy Früvous - My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
    Moxy Früvous were a cool, funny, somewhat cheesey Canadian band who I was introduced to via two friends at university. If you saw the groaning bookshelves in our flat you’d know why this song always makes me smile.

    Cerys MatthewsOxygen
    I can’t sing. I really can’t sing. Neither can my brother, though as churchgoer he makes up with gusto for what he lacks in aptitude. Clearly we got our singing genes from the English or Swedish parts of our family not the Welsh.

    The end of the summer of 1995. On the news it’s Blur vs Oasis. But, before Blair, there was a much better third way.

    Aziza Mustafa ZadehAy Dilber
    Stiff Little FingersTin Soldiers

    Hands up who wanted (or even expected) to hear some Azerbaijani Jazz today? Well, you’re out of luck as I can’t find it anywhere on the web. So have some classic punk instead.

    Tanita TikaramAnd I Think Of You
    The reason I’m here. Sort of. I created my first home page in 1995 (personal home pages, remember them? Like Facebook profiles but you had to do all the work yourself) and wanted to do a bit more. So looking around the nascent web for the various artists I liked I spotted that Tanita didn’t have any fan pages dedicated to her. The resulting site helped to get me my first job at a web design agency.

    Assuming I’m going to be here for a while then I want something fairly long. An old favourite or something I’ve never gotten around to? I think I’ll go for the latter and take Peter Ackroyd’s London: The Biography to remind myself of home.

    Luxury Item
    A brewing kit. Let’s see which of the fruit on the island makes the best booze.
  • I know, I know.

    26. Jun. 2009, 21:51

    The whole 'I searched " profile" and got your profile as the first result too. :o' thing is funny but not that interesting. I have several pages, including a blog (and a mirror of that blog), where that phrase is used in the furniture; and we should all know that blogs are SEO catnip for Google.
  • Odd scrobbling habits

    4. Feb. 2007, 14:37

    Does anyone else ever find themselves setting iTunes or whatever to play songs that haven't been played before just so that some record of everything you own ends on getting scrobbled?
  • The Ramones

    15. Aug. 2006, 21:00

    Now, I like most of what I’ve heard by The Ramones but I never really got into them or bought any albums or made any sort of effort to correct this defficiency until recently.

    Thanks to the naughty magic of bittorrent I downloaded a bundle of 28 albums. That’s a lot of music. Too much music to get my head round really.

    So I’m appealing for help. Where should I start, what are the best tracks, the best albums?