Desired setlist for The Strokes at Bonnaroo


17. Apr. 2011, 21:52

The Strokes need to start playing longer sets, particularly with four LPs in their library. Tonight we should get a pretty good idea of what they intend to do throughout the summer when they take the stage at Coachella. Here is the setlist I've constructed in the hopes that they take things to the next level and start to really pump out some monster sets:

New York City Cops
Under Cover of Darkness
Taken for a Fool
The Way It Is
Two Kinds of Happiness
Is This It
The Modern Age
Heart In a Cage
Machu Picchu
Last Nite


You Only Live Once
Under Control
Life Is Simple in the Moonlight
I Can't Win
Hard to Explain
Take It or Leave It

I think that's pretty balanced:

Is This It: 8 tracks
Room on Fire: 5 tracks
First Impressions of Earth: 3 tracks
Angles: 6 tracks

Albums are weighted according to quality and there's plenty of new stuff (you know how bands like to play the new stuff). And honestly, considering that most Strokes songs aren't terribly long and they don't do a great deal of "jamming" on stage, this set honestly isn't obscenely long or anything. Seriously, when I saw My Morning Jacket last year in Louisville they cranked out 27 songs, many of which are naturally longer than those of The Strokes, and also did some extensive riffing. Come on guys, step up (schedule permitting, of course)!


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