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2. Jul. 2008, 2:53

lately i just cannot get enough of The Cure's bside collection. i was always a fiend for the bsides because there was a record shop around the corner from where i went to high school. so naturally id check for old cd singles every day so i usually found stuff. for like $2. yeah, awesome, im thinking...
so when the collection came out i was excited to have everything in one place and join the dots that id missed. of course i didnt buy it, i copied it. but id bought all those singles, dammit, i cant afford that shit. fortunately, this meant i didnt have to import every single single into itunes...

these are the songs that i just cant skip no matter how many times ive heard them. i ♥ them so much im considering just putting them on the albums they were unreleased from in the first place. its how it should be, and all that.

so here they are, starting in the order i listened to them... and then rearranged.

2 Late -
brilliant and a shame it doesnt really go with the rest of disintegration, cos i bet thats why they didnt put it on. its so light and airy..

Babble -
dark but dancy! i likey! why the hell wasnt this on disintegration either? this shoulda been a single, i can totally see this being played at 80s night and getting lots of people to dance.

A Pink Dream -
the singing is so good and hard to match. and its one of their great fast songs.

Play With Me (Studio Outtake)-
plinky guitar and echoey vocal.

Do The Hansa -
im sorry, i know its disco, but i love this song. the fact that its disco for the sake of cynicism is an unnappreciated piece of genius.

This Twilight Garden -
i listened to this a lot on flights for some trip i was taking, cos id bought it the day before i left and hadnt heard the whole thing yet. anyway, its brilliant for interesting parts of flying; going through clouds, flying low, etc.
thats really the only way i can accurately portray my feelings about it. lol.

The Big Hand -
always been a favorite song of mine since i saw play out before i owned wish. they played it live and after i figured out it was a b side i was so sad i would never hear it live. (but then i did, *squee*)

Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix)-
this is way better than the album version, imo. that was a crap year for music.

A Sign From God -
dancy and awesome! duh! i wish cogasm had done a whole album together. but maybe thats what this next album will be like? (cogasmth?)

Hello I Love You (Slight Return Mix) -
its 14 seconds long and thrashmetalpunkrock.... metal cure ftw!

Burn -
they were originally going to use the hanging garden in the film and the cure were like 'why dont we just do you a new song?' ... so i like the idea that its a grown up version of hanging garden... its a perfect vintage '93 mix of wish and disintegration, shaken not stirred..

Harold And Joe -
i love the juxtaposition of how poppy the music is, with how sleepy the vocals sound. it so works. i cant really grasp why..

Dredd Song -
i wish they had chosen a proper name for this. oh well. FLOVE the strings, love the epic, love the lyrics.. i could probably happily get most of the lines tattooed somewhere on my body and be fine with them (lol, thats how i gauge lyrics i guess, if i could live with them on my skin)
i even love the little twinkly keyboard sounds... if that makes me a huge girly poof then i guess im a huge girly poof.

The Exploding Boy -
fast guitar stuff. the irregular sounding beat of both the drums and guitars goes well together.

A Man Inside My Mouth -
genius title. brilliant vocals, so fast and difficult to singalong to. id love to hear it live but i dont think it would be physically possible... the amount of times i ran out of breath trying to sing with it... and i like trying to figure out what the fuck its about and never getting any closer.
if i had or drove a car, its something i would drive-sync to while i had people in. theres only so many voice noises that i can reproduce at any given time, and theres plenty to choose from in there.

A Few Hours After This -
so hard to sing to. i cant grasp all the melodies at once. although i suppose thats often the case. or it happens a lot.

Throw Your Foot -
super catchy, imo. backing vocals are genius. lead vocals only slightly less genius than the backing track. lol. i always pay more attention to the backing ones for some reason.

Stop Dead -
catchy and dancable again. love the stuttering, 'i la la la la la love it, i mean you'..&..'sa sa sa sa sa stop dead'

A Foolish Arrangement -
the tune is catchy, i get it stuck in my head all the time. + sexy lyrics!

I'm Cold (studio demo) -
faster = better. i ♥ the high echoey vocals.

Mr. Pink Eyes -
lovecats the second. its got to be jazz, thats what i want. jazz!cure at its best plus its swirly in headphones. 1,2,3,MAAH!

Lament (Flexipop Version)-
should have been on the album, i think. i really like it so much better. the slightly off windy sounds are so great on this one. its much mumblier though. i cant decide if thats good or bad.

Hey You!!! -
does this even count since it was on the original vinyl and not cd? its a "sometimes y"... as in, KM³ involves the following vowels and sometimes y...
anyway its another fasty dancy one. i like the real horn better than the keyhorn. but you cant win em all.

Coming Up -
would've been the best thing on the whole album! its so rocknroll. and the rhyme composition of the lyrics is very interesting. i had an mp3 when it was new and heard it a lot, then that computer got trashed and i lost it. i heard it blasting from someone's car in the parking queue for the first cure show i went to and thought "aww, i dont have that song anymore" .. finally when join the dots came out i got hold of it again. win!

10:15 Saturday Night (Live) from 3IB -
i figure album rarities count too.. this is great because its fast and gets all strange at the end. kinda ska even. it reminds me of what they're doing live now.

10:15 Saturday Night (Home Demo) -
contrastingly super slow! dreary... brilliant. the organesque keyboard on this one reminds me of early pulp. i realise the chronological rediculousness of that but there you go. these two extremes of the song are the best, i think.

Fire in Cairo (studio demo) -
high echoey vocals again. made of win.

Dahype (Vocal Single Version) -
does that count as a cure bside cos it was the single? it just wasnt a cure one... does it matter? cos i ♥ it.
fast vocals plus dance (even if its someone else's dance) = brilliant and catchy.

(and lastly)

All Kinds Of Stuff -
just. so. awesome. but i dont know if i should count new bsides because im just plain excited about the new album. i ♥ singing to this one, the bass is great, the tune is great.. im wanting to say it should have been a single on its own.. but i cant fairly say that when i dont know what the rest of the album's like.

now look at my charts and see how much of a loser thats made me on a weekly basis!

your thoughts?


  • XVIIGrid

    what about "Another Journey by Train" ???

    17. Okt. 2008, 17:28
  • ianawi

    its great. but i do skip it sometimes. and therefore it doesnt make the list.

    19. Okt. 2008, 0:39
  • skyasakite

    you picked some marvelous songs! i'm sorely tempted to copy you and give a run-down of my favorite b-sides. this is a great journal idea! :)

    20. Apr. 2009, 23:00
  • Wicepremier

    Winter (3IM Deluxe)? => 17 Seconds.

    20. Mai. 2009, 13:45
  • emsywink

    A Chain of Flowers ?

    20. Jun. 2009, 14:02
  • JJM1

    You mentioned some of my favs for sure, but what about songs like Play, More than this, or Just one Kiss. Brilliant songs, me thinks.

    3. Aug. 2009, 12:50
  • ianawi

    just one kiss is great, but i consider it to be part of jap whispers even tho thats not a real album and indeed they were bsides first. i just didnt grow up with it categorised as that.

    3. Aug. 2009, 23:25
  • dandyboy73

    Some absolute crackers in there, though I'd also have put in More Than This too, with This Morning, It Used To Be Me and Fear Of Ghosts... to many damned good b-sides for one band!

    28. Aug. 2009, 23:43
  • guly

    "throw your foot" best b-side and second best song ever, after "fire in cairo" and "upstairs room" is in my top 20 song of the cure

    30. Sep. 2009, 20:56
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