Adam Thomas, 32, Männlich, Vereinigtes Königreich
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I am a professional singer based in Leicester, UK. y website is www.adamTHOMASonline.com. I have been performing professionally for 10 years. I am a Cancerian. I sing Soul and Jazz music. I am reinventing Northern Soul for the modern age. I am not a cover artist, I'm an interpreter. I am 6’. I am right handed. I have three siblings. I love my family. I am my mother’s eldest: her life story is inspirational. I want to continue throwing myself in the deep end. My hair is naturally dark brown – but may sometimes have Blonde bits! (How did they get there?) My eyes are green. I was born and bred in Leicester. I have no regrets. I am charitable: ‘Toast & Jam’ is my charitable contribution. I think we can repair the Earth. I am very caring. I’m a nightmare when I’m tired! I love my friends. I love lamb korma! I wish I’d learnt more in school. I drink coffee. I rarely watch evening news (does The Daily Show count?) I should read more. I love to perform. I believe in God. I got married to Sarah in August 2007. My Dad is a professional musician. My parents split up when I was five: Murray has always been a great step Dad. I try not to eat too much fast food. I have lived overseas for 10 years in Menorca, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Mallorca and Cyprus. I can bust moves on the dance floor! I believe Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli to have the best voices ever. I swear too much. I can swim. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy but I clean up well. I am very passionate. I am inspired by Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong Organization. I believe our government needs reform. I want Barack Obama to become the first president of the world! I am a role model. I am optimistic: I like optimistic people. I adhere to the Rules of Attraction. I play the odds: the harder I work, the more likely I am to succeed. I will get what I deserve. I have 7 GCSE’s and two A-Levels. I was once a good actor: I will become an actor again. I despise HRT (High Rise Terminal.) I worked in the bakery at Sainsbury’s. I can bottle flair a tiny bit. I believe that it is a disgrace not to see the beauty and strength of which our bodies are capable (having said that, I am a work in progress!)