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Über mich

Nostalgia, nostalgia, canaglia! My first song ever listened, Al Bano & Romina Power - Abandonatti.

Vegetarian, leftist to the core, (not only) listener and a (becomming) guitarist, bassist and drumer. I sometimes also scream in the shower. My fave instruments are, amazingly enough, the harp, the organ and the timpanis. Imagine a rock band with those, huh? :)

"There's a lot of anger and frustration in the atmosphere these days. We didn't want to add to the negative noise pollution, but we did want to do something. It's just not the time to be cryptic. I mean, our tax dollars for this war are being funneled through huge corporations, and there's an even greater disparity between rich or poor in this country. It offends me on a really deep level."
(Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam)

"I have nothing to hide. Why I’m telling you this is because that’s where this music comes from, that’s where my art comes from. You’re talking to a miracle; I am a miracle. I’m not halfway there, you know, dut-dut-dut-dut-da, drink a beer, hang out with my buddies, smoke a joint and get together with the band, wanna be a rock star; no. I am a very troubled individual who has been handed these obstacles in life, and overcome my fears to be honest with myself, so I can be honest with you. That’s not exploitation, it’s liberation."
(Travis Meeks, Days Of The New)

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