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  • umosay

    Heard any Der Blaue Reiter? Some of the most haunting/beautiful music I've heard.

    vor 7 Stunden Antworten
  • SnurrSnurr

    Your charts are amazing, with great variation from Emilie Autumn, to Agalloch, to Hans Zimmer... Impeccable taste ;>

    20. Sep., 9:47 Antworten
  • Abetancourt_

    Thank you. I really like how the ocean and the rain blend each other. I also enjoy the cloudy days. P.S: "Make tea, not war" great motto. Take care.

    20. Sep., 6:18 Antworten
  • placerej

    I think so too, that more people will get to work if the shops are open more. I personally really wouldn't mind working night shift, as long as I dont have to work day as well. I mean shift between the two. I want to work only night, if at all. I don't deliver, nor do I work in an office. I'm organizing the stuff that is to be delivired, so the deliver man knows what goes where. Maybe that is office work to you, though? It's funny how different people are, it really makes no sense to one, the way the other is. Almost made it in only two shouts this time. I'm getting there!

    16. Sep., 14:19 Antworten
  • placerej

    I dont get the hair thing either. I think everyone should have long hair! I mean, it's not even more practical to have a short style of hair. With long hair you only need to comb it a little. Short hair needs spray and stuff, to make it look like a hair do. If I were able to have long hair again, I'd go for it! "Gesundheitspolizei"; does this mean it's trendy to be training and be healthy in Germany as well? I hate this trend as much as every other trend. Trends are so awefully annoying. Hah, when you put it that way, maybe Sweden is relaxed. Maybe my standards of stressfullness is fucked up 'cause I live in a relaxed country. I'm even one of those embarrasing people that put the bar code in the correct way and I get horrified when other people just pile up their crap. I feel so cool right now... :< If I ever shop in Germany again I will be laughed at, won't I?

    16. Sep., 14:18 Antworten
  • placerej

    Don't worry, I'm going to be less wordy soon enough. I sometimes get carried away and type a lot and then I'm all out of things to say and I get very short instead. Yeah, you can also see it that way. But isn't the correct word for describing an irresponsible way of living anyhting else than illogical? Like... irrational? Or just simply irresponsible? I get your point either way. I'd say in that way I'm more overthinking things than you are. Or maybe I'm just acting logical. :p I know by experience I don't work well in new environments or by living spontaneously. I like order and the familiar, even though I like to go on adventures on a lesser scale. Like travel within the country instead of an African Safari and so on. Too much adventure only makes me nervous and unable to enjoy it.

    16. Sep., 14:15 Antworten
  • placerej

    I'm not working in any fancy educated position, I'm just a simple worker who've sold its soul to the Postal service. I don't have any problem with talking in phone, actually, it's just that it's more time dependent. When texting you can do it whenever you feel like it. Yeah, exactly. Most people seem extroverted and extroverted people always seem to think that the friendship is dying if you don't keep the same pace as they do. They rather hang out with other people that are extroverted. It gives them an energy boost more than hang with someone that doesn't have the same kind of need for attention exchange. Or maybe I've just come across people that I did not work well with. Or maybe I'm unworkable! Damn... It keeps getting longer and longer. I'm exhausted. This is way to extroverted for me.

    13. Sep., 21:09 Antworten
  • placerej

    In Sweden it's called being a Språkpolis when you care about grammar and spelling. Do you have a word for it in Germany? I like Språkpoliser and I like a correct (?) way of typing, but as you say, English is not my mother tongue and I dont handle it all that well all the time. I do my best, that's what matters. *comfortly pat myself on the head* Most Swedes probably indeed drink coffee, but I've never seen myself as a typical Swede. What cities do you rather visit than Berlin? Much of the society up here is pretty stressful and profit-orientated as well. It sucks. But maybe we are a little more relaxed. Or maybe you think so because you have never been employed over here... But yeah, open all days of the week is awesome. Next step is to have it open not only all week but all 24h of the day! Some smaller shops are opened for business twentyfourseven, but they are often expensive and limited in supply.

    13. Sep., 21:07 Antworten
  • placerej

    Well, quite often the card reader thingy on the train is malfunctioned or not even installed, so the ticket collector has to charge me directly and that's when they need to know my age, so that I get the correct price (in Sweden you travel cheaper when you are like 26 or younger). Hah, you'll have to dye your hair to look extra grey white... ish. Can't be a grandmother and have the wrong hair colour! The only guy I can think of that has greyish hair at a rather young age is a British video game show host. That's why I was asking. ;D I thought maybe it was i Bristish thing. I heard Gandlaf the Grey is from London as well! <--- Might be a lie.

    13. Sep., 21:05 Antworten
  • placerej

    I don't think it's more logical to have it all on one side. I don't feel very logic anyways. Or maybe, in a sense I do. I mean, don't we all think we are the most logical of them all, since we act as we feel natural, whch would be our own most logical way of being? To act illogical would be to act in reverse of what feels natural, no? I don't know... Hah, my, my. I was more like that when I were (uhm, I'm using both "I was" and "I were" in the same sentence and I don't know which one is correct) younger, evaluating what to buy and how to decide and so forth, but nowadays I'm like whatever. I'll just pick something. I'll just go with that train and see what happens... etc. I've come to the conclusion life isn't all that holy and important. Just relax and live. No matter what choices you make, you will always see ups and downs in either option and no matter how much effort you put into making the correct choice, you will still probably feel "what if".

    13. Sep., 21:04 Antworten
  • Versilium

    Hello My Friend, I would like to share with you this video, from one of my bands Self-Inflicted Violence.

    12. Sep., 4:14 Antworten
  • placerej

    Argh, misspelled British two times...

    8. Sep., 11:56 Antworten
  • placerej

    Have you avoided Berlin as you don't like it, or are you planning on going there one day, it just hasn't happened yet? Hah, what was his sentence? I guess you don't have to go to prison for such a minor thing? Ah, alright. Germany is weird... Not a lot of free time really, I work 5 days a week like most people, but it's always nice to communicate with people a little. As I'm very introverted I don't have much friends to hang with or such, so I tend to communicate with people via text like this and well... Yeah. You get the point, I suppose.

    8. Sep., 11:53 Antworten
  • placerej

    While on the introverted topic; I found this in an old forum post I did and it seems I'm "quite" introverted... It was years back that I did the test though. Might get a different result today. I think I look younger than I feel, since I too get to verify that I'm of certian age sometimes. When I ride the train and such. Maybe they are just trying to be polite, what do I know! Grey hair at 26 must be pretty rare? I don't think I've heard about that before. I like it! Sounds cool. And if you don't like it you can just dye it. Is he Brittish? I somehow feel he's Brittish! Nah, I don't drink coffee. I've never quite liked the taste and since it's neither of any proven health benefits (?), nor very friendly to the stomach, I don't see why I should learn to like it.

    8. Sep., 11:53 Antworten
  • ChemicalRainbow

    Thanks, it seems a lot of people have been liking my avatar lately :) I like yours too, the colours are pretty, I assume you took the picture? Judging by the fact you have a deviantart account. Apart from having some artists in common, I see that we also have some same groups we're in :D Again, thanks for the shout and have a nice day! :)

    7. Sep., 22:45 Antworten
  • Yassilaro

    Hehe ne, ich bin nur seit ein paar Jahren treuer Besucher. Ist mein absolutes Lieblingsfestival :)

    7. Sep., 12:18 Antworten
  • placerej

    As I don't party I don't really care about the alcohol thingy. I stay away from it all together since I would probably only end up a drunkard if I started to drink alone at home... But I can see why it is a problem for you. Swedes go to Germany to buy a lot of alcohol. Funny thing is I heard on the news of some head lady of Berlin being horrified over the way foreign folks act when they come to Berlin for the alcohol and that she wanted to establish some sort of law that makes Berlin a more pleasant place to be for the elderly and families. What does beauty stuff mean? Like make up and such? Hah, I like that your shouts keep going. Means I have something to read, right?

    7. Sep., 11:57 Antworten
  • placerej

    Hah, I'm probably too old for my age, so that may explain it. I've never been into partying and that stuff. I rather sit home and drink tea and relax. ;p Also, as a guy, I kind of started to feel old when my hair did not want to stick around anymore, it started to rebel when I was your current age so I've kind of felt sort of old for 5 years already! Do you also drink coffee or are you tea only when it comes to hot beverages? Knäckebröd is the best! Works so well with tea, which is a bonus!

    7. Sep., 11:56 Antworten
  • placerej

    Yeah, everyone but themselves seem to think they mumble. O_o Did you also see Norway when you were living up here? There isn't much to see or do in Jönköping, so it only makes sense not to stop by. ^^ The northern parts of Sweden are beautiful, I've heard. I've only been far up north a couple of times and I did not explore much those times, so I really should head up there some day and just walk about in the mountains. Which Swedish city did you like the most and the least? Have you ever been to a German city called Wuppertal btw? I did not know about it until yesterday when I stumbled upon it on Wikipedia. It looks really nice. Lush and charming somehow, I spontaneously wanted to go there when I saw it!

    7. Sep., 11:55 Antworten
  • placerej

    Hah, yeah, maybe it's a matter of what generation (good thing this is not in real time, since I first typed gender instead of generation) you are from, when it comes to the jantelag knowledge. I guess you just called me old, I believe. Damn youngster! I'll tap you on the head with my cain. At least you are a fan of tea. That means some old lady points right there. Yeah, ICA is the shit. Do you have a favourite food shop in Germany? It's kind of embarrassing for you that you are so easily manipulated though, that you buy the stuff with the most appealing packaging. ;p

    6. Sep., 22:15 Antworten
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Make tea, not war.

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I enjoy listening to music very much, so I listen to it daily 'cause it brightens my day.:)
I'm pretty open-minded and don't care about genres.
For me the only thing that matters is that the music is beautiful and touching.

My overall charts are not too representable anymore as there are many artists down in the list I discovered later but listen to a lot these days.

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