• Bjork : Biophilia - 29th June 2011

    2. Jul. 2011, 21:32

    Thu 30 Jun – Björk

    So yeah, I saw Biophilia last night, and it was absolutely astounding!!!

    Seriously.... I'm not sure I'd ever felt anything like it before. It was complete audio immersion, and completely visual too. The stage was a square, with custom-made instruments all around.... and the audience stand 360 degrees around. The show was introduced by the legendary David Attenborough, and he instroducted each song from the new album with a few words of what aspects of the universe the song was inspired by

    The use of the instruments inspired by the Earth and universe gave me goosebumps! The first song Thunderbolt used some static electric machine for the bassline. It worked wonderfully, and looked amazing. The smell it produced reminded me of rain! The song Solstice used a gravity pendulum machine. On reading about this, I thought it would be used to produce something quite noisy and bassy, but I was wrong! The four pendulums swung and at the bottoms of them were strings which turned to be plucked, making the most delicate and lovely of sounds! It was really quite special! The whole thing was.... I am a hippy at heart and to be immersed in a musical project inspired completely by the world, the universe around us and the power of us being a part of that was pretty magical!

    Most of all, Bjork herself was on top form. Her voice was so clear and controlled and powerful. The last time I saw her for Volta live (and as heard in the Voltaic DVD, her voice sounded quite deep and verging on hoarse... so it was very good to be able to able to hear it so crisp and passionate!)

    Setlist :
    Dark Matter
    Hidden Place
    Mouth's Cradle
    It's Not Up To You
    Sonnets/Unrealities XI
    Mutual Core
    Where Is the Line?
    All Is Full of Love
    One Day
    Declare Independence
    Encore 2:
  • Finding the Monster Ball!

    19. Feb. 2010, 20:47

    Thu 18 Feb – The Monster Ball Tour

    So I trawled the internet all week looking for tickets... finally gave up and arranged to go to the cinema instead.

    Well, my friend texts me and says his friend in corporate sales has a box come free! And he invited me!!! Felt soooo honoured for him to invite me. I've only known him since about November! I was really surprised!

    Anywho..... yeah! About the show. It was amazing :) I had such a great time!

    I believe that the show has been revamped from the US leg... you could certainly tell that it hasn't been refined. There were quite a few cock ups. Firstly... an hour late on stage, rumours of a fire incident pre-show, feedback screeching through a couple of songs, interludes going on a little bit to long which were close to killing momentum of the show. Finally, the vague story line of the trying to find the Monster Ball seemed to be dropped half way through the show.

    HOWEVER... despite these bits which I'm sure they will jump on to improve for up and coming shows.... GaGa was electric!!! She's got such a great stage presence. The energy was constant which is so great to see... her passion and her, well, talent as a performer really. The customes were great! The lighing from my position could be seen beautifully too... it's been done very well!

    A brilliant bit was the giant fish/monster creature for Paparazzi. It was SUCH a surprise! Everyone just seemed to gasp in unison. I guess it was some symbol for fame/media which kills her in the end! So Happy I Could Die was pretty simple but one of my faves (the stage set and the lighting really made it stand out for me). During the gap before the closing Bad Romance, the audience also started singing the intro in unison. It was so much fun. You can always guarantee that the MEN arena audience provides drunk, loud northern slags to give it a real atmosphere :)

    All in all, a brilliant experience despite the flaws! I can't wait for the next time round!!!
  • UGH! How amazing

    3. Nov. 2008, 8:48

    Sun 2 Nov – Goldfrapp, Pete Greenwood

    For starters, I'm not sure if Pete Greenwood really likes what he does or if he was just horribly depressed. He seemed content in swigging on his bottle of whiskey though. Him at the bar in his sheepskin coat not taking compliments very well was quite cute though I thought.

    Anyway! The amin event. GOLDENFLAPPS! YAY

    They were completely FLAWLESS (apart from when Alison came in too early once but I'll let that slide). Really though, the sound was just perfect, and Alison's voice was as if it was a fresh studio recording. It was just so brilliant!

    I was expecting a more acoustic sound all over. Particularly when it came to Ooh La La as they have been doing that redone version. But the original version (with extra guitar?) was sublime. Train and Strict Machine got everyone pumped! Utopia and Monster Love gave me shivers. Happiness and Satin Chic had me bouncing like a fool. And Black Cherry had me melting!

    It is a shame the set isn't longer, but I didn't feel like anything was missing you know?

    I also got myself a tree t shirt (drawn by Alison?) and one of those tote bags. I'm not actually going to go down Asda with it on my shoulder but I couldn't resist!