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JusticeD.A.N.C.E. (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
JusticeCanon (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
JusticeCivilization (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
JusticePhantom (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
JusticeHelix (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
JusticeGenesis (Live / AAA) 22. Jun. 2013
DungenTyst Minut 9. Mär. 2013
DungenSluta Följa Efter 9. Mär. 2013
DungenTack Ska Ni Ha 9. Mär. 2013
DungenOm Du Vore En Vakthund 9. Mär. 2013
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Über mich

I grew up with 90's alternative, with my tastes following the evolution of that genre at the time. As the zeros went on my taste in alternative started to die with great bands of the 90s going into decline and a lack of new bands that suited me. I began to explore other music, and came across drum and bass, which I ejnoyed a lot for a short time, but got tired of it because it is a genre that does not change much, only is ever slightly altered. From listening to this genre I started running into house music more and more, and fortunatly heard enough decent tracks for it to get my attention and get my hopes up to finding "that one band" that suited me and sounded exactly right for me. Unfortunatly that isnt something you can just google, so began the years long pain staking process of weeding through terrible and mediocre techno to try and find something that could possibly suit my new growing taste. The first group I came across was Global Deejays, who to this day I still have a good deal of affinity for. This is the first group I could remember by name and couldn't get enough of. When I came across them I'm not to sure, but mid 2000s would be the most accurate I can get. After years I started finding more and more random groups that would have a song that struck my interest, but no one who could make a whole album I enjoyed. The closest thing I had to that was Benny Banassi, but yet again they never had a whole album I thoroughly enjoyed. My search basically continued in vain for a while. In spring of 2008 while doing assignments for one of my classes reviewing new releases in our local paper I decided to do my weeks assignment on an artist I had not previously heard of, Steve Aoki, and his new album Pillowface. After previewing about 3 tracks on his Cd on the internet I went out and bought the CD. This was almost exactly what I had been looking for. After a few months of listening to the CD I started to grow tired of the album, so I looked up the artists he remixed on my favorite tracks. I found that my two favorite tracks, D.A.N.C.E. and Waters of Nazareth were both by the same artist: Justice. Upon figuring this out I immediatly bought the album Cross, and essentially ate it up. I'm getting onto almost 2 years of having Justice, and it's easily the one group I listen to the most often, and Cross and A Cross the Universe are two albums that I have not even gotten close to getting tired to, despite the fact I listen to them on a regular basis. My musical search currently involves finding other bands somewhat similar to Justice, especially while I wait for their new album. This has caused me to get much more into Daft Punk lately, and become a fan of other artists such as Boys Noize and DJ Mehdi. Though this is my favorite genre currently, I still am a fan of hip hop such as Black Star, MF DOOM, and J Dilla and of course various indie influences spanning a few different genres.

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