• one year later

    27. Jun. 2010, 0:25

    looking retrospective to the past year I found out the names of many bands and also musical styles I have lost by the passing times. One thing is really curious: many acts which me and my friend have been regarding as a 'real great thing' 15 or 20 years ago have got only a few fans among the present users.
    So what has happened?
    ok, maybe the friends of the past times haven't a account yet or they must listen as a consequence to their familiar relations to children- and wife compatible sounds. Only the imagination of visiting a typical concert like coldplay or robbie williams or in the real worst case - Scorpions or ACDC - which is nowadays really popular at people of the same age like me- tells me that I have not made too much bigger mistakes in my life.
    Or fortunately no one has got any ambitions of starting a revival.
    Otherwise it is also possible that it has been only a few people in the past but we did not realize that it was only a small community (except of the concert I have been performing with my band at same time with the semi-final game of the soccer world contest in '90, amusing a roundabout 10 to 15 people audience).
    Will I ever find any answer to the essential questions of Human Life? Is it related to the process of evolution that men mostly follow the well known way of life like the masses do for keeping their public reputation?
    And what about the people who don't?
  • Hi folks

    21. Jul. 2009, 23:08

    it's my first trial at
    I have still not lost the hope that there are some guys somewhere outside who share my musical favorites.
    So feel free to leave a comment here .