Delta Goodrem - Delta


6. Jul. 2008, 18:27

Okay, so when I first listened to this album way back when it first came out, I was honestly quite underwhelmed by the whole thing. After the first few listens the only tracks I warmed to were Believe Again, I Can't Break It To My Heart and In This Life.

Fast forward a few months and my opinion has pretty much reversed completely. While it may not be as good as Innocent Eyes, nor as successfully matured as Mistaken Identity there's a good mix of old Delta and new Delta.

I'm not going to review each track individually, but just highlight some of my faves.

Firstly, I Can't Break It To My Heart

I loved this the first time I heard it, and I love it even more now. It's old school Delta; a good old fashioned piano ballad in the vein of Last Night On Earth and Lost Without You. The chorus is just beautiful:

"But if i still believe you love me
Maybe i'll survive
So i tell myself you're coming home
Like you've done a million times
And if it's alright
I'll still be loving you
'cause i can't break it to my heart"

Obviously the use of strings makes me a happy Tom. 9.5/10

Believe Again

Gosh, this song seems to get better every time i hear it. I've always had a soft spot for songs that use strings heavily, and just like Not Me, Not I; this is a bit epic really. The intro gives me goosebumps still, and combined with the lyrics, Delta's breathless singing style and the whole orchestration, this song is pretty special. I can't even talk about the video as it's epic squared. 11/10

You Will Only Break My Heart

This was definitely a grower, and I think I said this about it after a few listens: "hotelpaper01 (Tuesday 16 October 2007)
It's really a grower, i didn't like it at all when i first heard it but now i really like it. I think the ba da ba's are really catchy. It kind of reminds me of I Don't Care, in that it's the poppiest song she's done since then"

I'm gonna stick with what I said there, the ba da ba's always make me smile and instantly make me sing along. I think the fact that the video is completely bonkers adds to the enjoyment of the song. 8/10


Apart from the fact that this song title must qualify for some sort of award for using the greatest amount of double s's ever, it's grown on me loads. I like the build up to the chorus and apart from the naked body bits which still make me smurk, it's a nice song. 7/10

Bare Hands

I think I pretty much detested this song when I first heard it, (hotelpaper01 (Sunday 18 November 2007)
I agree with whoever said they'd like an acoustic. The lyrics are amazing but are spoiled by the weird instrumental effects.)
I didn't like the electro beat, nor the vocoder enhanced speaking bits, but now I kinda love the mish mash of styles. 7.5/10

So all in all, I think this is one of those classic "you grow to like, or even possibly love it" type albums, however considering she recorded about 45 tracks (i think) surely there could've been some better choices. I give props for trying new stuff, but some of it just didn't gel with other more classic songs on the album.

Here's to album 4! :)