Candy Hearts - Ripped Up Jeans


21. Okt. 2011, 12:11

Another recent discovery of mine, Candy Hearts came about, for me, as a result of a love of all things girly-punk; P.S. Eliot, Little Lungs, Waxahatchee and the like. They have a very 90s vibe about them - power-chordy passages embellished with twiddly guitar bits and melodic vocals; it's all very happy indeed, with just a pinch of teenage angst to sweeten the deal (hearing a lyric about being the youngest member of the band and having an 'X' drawn on your hand at the door to signify you're underage made me stifle a chuckle). Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams is the band's debut full-length, and is utterly spectacular. Here's hoping for more funtime from this lot.

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