Updated Guide to Paul McCartney Albums Part 1, the 70s


17. Nov. 2007, 10:49

I did a guide to Paul McCartneyalbums a year or so ago to help people aviod Paul's crap ("Waterfalls") and to help them find some diamonds in the ruff (One of These Days). But things have changed since then, namely tastes, a new album and I have actually listened to his whole discography by now. So here is part 1, the 70s, in more deatil.

Good ALbums:

McCartney- Solid album over all, altough very weak in some parts. Not very consistent. I still love Maybe I'm Amazed despite adult contemporary radio's best efforts to make me sick of it. Junk is a pretty song and another standout.

Venus And Mars- Let me start off by saying Magneto And Titanium Man is one of my favorite McCartney songs of all time. This album slows down in the middle, but both starts and ends strong. You Gave Me The Answer is great and Paul sings his ass of in Call Me Back Again. I think this album would be almost as good as Band on the Run if it wasn't for the middle of the album where Paul let the other guys sing a couple songs.

Bad Albums:

Wild Life- Wing's first album isn't bad, but its not good either. The only stand out track is Mumbo, a rocker intsrumental that opens the album with Paul doing his best Little Richard, which is always a good thing to me. I like Some People Never Know, but nothing on this album you really need to hear.

Red Rose Speedway- A number of people showed some support for this album, but I'm still unconvinced. My Love was a hit and the reason people like this album, but I never liked it too much, although the version on Back In The U.S. rocked.

Wings at the Speed of Sound- Paul's first real bad album. This album is real boring, every song is a stinker except Silly Love Songs and She's My Baby, which I like, for some reason. Maybe if I compare a girl with gravey I can get all the ladies like Paul currently does.

London Town- Paul's losing streak continues with this album. Like soft rock, songs written for Micheal Jackson, and 70s synth? Well this album is for you. I've Had Enough is the only rocker and would be the best song on the album if it wasn't for With A Little Luck. This is the perfect example of the kind of songs Paul writes that make me hate myself for listening to him. Its a good song and I like it, but do I really have to? Paul's answer: Yes you do. I also decided that this albums is where paul's trouble with production started.

Back To The Egg- Well, its better then London Town. But Paul has to really try to make something as crappy as London Town. This album is famous for Rockestra, but its nothing special to me. What is special to me is Baby's Request. Download this song. Great song. Old Siam, Sir is interesting and worth listening to. I'm pretty sure the White Stripes built their whole career around this song, including the not so good female drummer. (Linda played drums on the song) Getting Closer is also a good pop song.

Really Good Albums:

Ram- I can't really describe why I love this album, but its the same reasons I love Paul McCartney. Playful and over the top melodies that are a joy and fun to listen to. I understand if its too much for some people, but those people don't like Paul McCartney anyways. This album is Paul at his best, having fun, not taking anything too seriously and making random noises while singing along.

Band on the Run- I don't really have much to say on this album although its one of Paul's best. It's his most well knwon as its first two tracks were major hits, but I like every song on this album. Especially Mamunia and Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five.

Another song in the 70s worth checking out is Daytime Nightime Suffering. 80s- now is coming. And yes, I do this for myself more then anyone who reads this really.


  • QwikSilver13

    Nice review! Not that I don't already know anything you wrote (because I'm a huge McCartney fan), but it was still worth a read. Plus it could be real helpful to a newcomer looking to avoid the not so great stuff.

    22. Nov. 2009, 4:39
  • biadlon

    RAM... there's so much very good stuff on it, but there's also really bad stuff. My long haired lady.... god beware... Still, it's my favorite. I just love that strange album so much !

    1. Okt. 2010, 16:32
  • presstoplay85

    Band On The Run and Ram are his 2 best from the seventies, agreed, the rest were wildly uneven, each album had 3 or 4 fantastic songs but padded out with some lightweight stuff. Paul McCartney since Flaming Pie has made some consistently great albums.

    6. Jan. 2011, 11:51
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