Mmmm Morrissey


13. Sep. 2006, 21:55

So I like Morrissey but this song is stupid.


  • ebbott

    Yeah i know what you mean. Most of the time Morrissey has some very interesting/funny/proufound/touching things to convey, but every once in a while he just makes 'your toes cringe', as the Dutch expression goes. And yeah, I guess I'm a little bored as well. I admit it.

    13. Sep. 2006, 22:21
  • supervegita

    I've never seen any lazy dykes myself. Usually they are out actively manhating and stuff :P

    13. Sep. 2006, 23:00
  • homeogenic

    ha I man hate and I'm not a dyke

    13. Sep. 2006, 23:41
  • supervegita

    I man hate and I am a dyke :P

    14. Sep. 2006, 10:44
  • midk

    silly lyrics on the surface, sure. but i find it one of his most moving songs.

    6. Okt. 2007, 5:12
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