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The Mars VoltaMeccamputechture 9. Aug., 5:12
Closure in MoscowThe Church of the Technochrist 9. Aug., 4:59
Amon TobinThe New York Editor 8. Aug., 19:21
Amon TobinChomp Samba 8. Aug., 18:50
Amon TobinCreatures 8. Aug., 11:48
Amon TobinYasawas 8. Aug., 11:42
Amon TobinEasy Muffin 8. Aug., 11:37
Amon TobinStoney Street 8. Aug., 11:32
Amon TobinNatureland 8. Aug., 11:26
Amon TobinKeepin' It Steel (The Anvil Track) 8. Aug., 2:11
Amon TobinKeepin' It Steel (The Anvil Track) 8. Aug., 2:11
Amon TobinRhino Jockey 8. Aug., 2:02
Amon TobinChocolate Lovely 8. Aug., 1:54
Amon TobinPrecursor (feat. Quadraceptor) 7. Aug., 21:04
Amon TobinDeo 7. Aug., 20:59
Amon TobinGolfer vrs Boxer 7. Aug., 11:40
Amon TobinMarine Machines 7. Aug., 11:26
Amon TobinSlowly 7. Aug., 11:20
Amon TobinFour Ton Mantis 7. Aug., 11:14
Amon TobinGet Your Snack On 7. Aug., 11:10
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Über mich

Bands I've seen live so far:
Twin Atlantic (this band made me love scottish musicians)
The Fall of Troy (FUCK)
Eye Alaska (Brandon Wrong has so much soul, i love it)
I See Stars
Attack Attack! (silly music, fun stage presence)
Of Mice And Men
Eyes Set to Kill
Closure in Moscow (awesome guys, awesome show)
Shadow Gallery
Circa Survive (Show was better than i could have imagined <3)
Ramona Falls (not bad, but not really my thing either)
School of Seven Bells (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. their sound really transferred well from album to live performance)
DJ Grandmaster Flash Colbchella Begins here. Wish he would have done more old school mixing, he mostly played pop hits
fun. Really great live. So much better than on cd, cause their songs aren't about full of shitty autotune
Grizzly Bear Oh man. They had to play 2 week probably 3 or so times. Best thing ever
Santigold Stage presence was great. Her backup dancers were phenomenal, and her music/voice were spot on with me
The Flaming Lips Colbchella Ends here. They were the only ones at Colbchella I didn't particularly care for. They did play the Colbert theme though, which i totally approve of
Savant He KILLED it in Philly. I love this man.

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