• Best of 2012

    1. Jan. 2013, 13:11

    So 2012 has been a year of discovery. In the last couple years i got rather bored with most music since there are so many exploitation bands whenever a genre rises to fame. All sounding the same and bringing nothing new to the table. Thus this list will feature mostly progressive music, that i think has a righteous place in the music-world for it's individuality and inventive nature.

    Without any particular order :


    The Safety Fire-Grind the Ocean

    Some Fresh wind in the prog-metal/hardcore genre from England. Great guitar work and a refershing vocalist who is equally good at screaming and clean vocals. If you listenening to their music you can find a whole spectrum of diverse sounds. Ranging from math-rock artists likeThis Town Needs Guns to Protest the Hero to some noticed but not overused Djent elements. I highly recommend anyone to listen to this Debutalbum of this very talented british band, especially because they don't try too hard to be heavy, it just comes naturally. 9/10


    Between the Buried and Me-The Parallax II : Future Sequence

    This band has always been among my favorites, If not THE favorite american band. Ever since i listened to Colors back in 07 they have impressed me with their musicianship and finesse. Everyone in this band knows what the fuck their are doing, and the sheer quantity of sounds and styles they incorporate in their music is just insane. Truly a one of a kind band. In 1000 years people should still hold this as a cornerstone of modern music, but i guess people are too dumb to realize how GOOD this is. I heard many people complain about "riff-salad" and uncoherent song structures. I cannot see any of that. I guess they just don't really get the complexity of this stuff. After the solid but rather unimpressive 2009 releaseThe Great Misdirect This album once again shows the band at it's best and most multi-faced effort to date. 9/10


    PeripheryPeriphery II - This Time It's Personal

    After listening to their self-titled a couple years ago for like 2 months I didn't really listen to a lot of their music until the new release and now the same happened to this album. for a couple weeks i was truly impressed what these guys have pulled of once again and thay have definitely grown and expanded their sounds like no other band would pull it off, but this albumis definitely more of a fast-burner once again. I don't really know why. Nevertheless Misha and the guys once wrote some stuff that's definitely better than 95% of the genre.Especially their vocalist has come a long way.Respect. 8/10



    Some called this album a powerful return to form and i kinda have to agree with that after the rather disappointing last effort. I am glad some of the technical elements are back, not quite as much as on the first 2 releases or even Hollow Crown, but this one is rather a mixture of all their catalogue from Ruin onwards. Definitely compressed songwriting-wise and definitely capturing more of the essence. No crazy song structures or stuff like that, but it sounds great, everything fits nicely together and Sam Carters lyrics are the best to date. The production is also top, maybe even a little to tight,but the additional piano harmonies and such are well placed. 8/10


    Twelve Foot Ninja-Silent Machine

    Wow, I'm impressed by the Aussies once again. This is an excellent mixture of like 5 million genres al embedded into a modern-metal framework. You get Cuban sounds, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Prog-Rock, Djent and more in one band... Yeah it does sound a lot like Faith No More at times but definitely different enough to stand on it's own as a piece of art. I can't always listen to stuff like this and I don't like the Nu-Metal vibe they produce sometimes,and the vocals are not really mine, but nonetheless a good albumfor all fans of weird prog-metal ! 7/10


    Gifts from Enola-A Healthy Fear

    A new record from my favorite genre defying band. This record is like the perfect merge of post-rock and post-hardcore, you get long clean guitar passages with an ambient vibe as well as full blown distorted guitars and shouts. This time they even incorporated some clean vocals which blend in perfectly ! I am glad to see that this band is progressing with every record, keeping the listener on his toes. They truly created their own sound over the years and are now a post-whatever trademark. They should be a lot more popular in my opinion... 9/10


    Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

    Needless to say, this band is a powerhouse. they never disappoint and their music never gets boring.Their first record in 10 years after reforming, and yes the waiting paid off. 9/10


    Mono-For My Parents

    def worth a listen 8/10

    #9 toe-The Future Is Now EP

    Just an EP this year, but I would rather have just an EP of this band than a full length of most others. brilliant stuff once again. 9/10



    Stoner, prog, psychedelic and just a pure raw rock sound paired with softer levitating scapes. Great Production aswell. Their best album yet.

    more records (added later) :

    The Hirsch Effekt - Holon Anamnesis ---------------9/10

    The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet ---------------------7/10

    If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest -----------7/10

    Late Night Venture - Pioneers Of Spaceflight----- 8/10

    Still not listened to :

    Soundgarden - King Animal

    Caspian - Waking Season

    Hammock - Departure Songs

    edit : Holy shit i forgot Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind. Still have to get that one.

    Looking forward to :

    New Alice In Chains

    New Tool

    New This Town Needs Guns

    New QOTSA

    New Porcupine Tree

    New He Is Legend

    New Misery Signals

    This list is not even remotely complete,I am always open for recs. Anyway : Happy new year everyone.