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CyboDisseminate Lieblingslied 28. Jul. 2011
ModwheelmoodForli' 21. Jan. 2010
ZeromancerPlasmatic Lieblingslied 21. Jan. 2010
TweakerYears From Now 20. Jan. 2010
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Nine Inch NailsEraser (Denial: Realization) 4. Apr. 2009
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Über mich

HullO. The name is Zennia. Zennia Theta Gino. Pronounced ZEH-NEE-UH. And then there is the Bible prophet way to pronounce it like Zachariah and Zephaniah. But you can just call me Zen or Zenni for short. Or Theta, like the greek symbol, or my last name Gino.
Did you know we are always watched regardless of there being any surveillance cameras around? Big Brother is watching you... (the Global Elite i mean) men's only Black Magic club worshippers of Satan. Brotherhood of the Serpent.

It is time to wake up peoples, we are the last generation living in the END TIMES. Satan's New World Order has been establishing itself since the Fall of man. Now it is at its full growth. RESIST ENSLAVEMENT.
Characters I would like to alterego or just sort of admire from a distance.
Clare :3
I like Art and Science since everything is art and mathematics which is the language of Science. I draw, paint, design, decorate, collage, and whatever else I can get my filthy hands on. I want to be an animator. And I love Jesus Christ because He saved me and he is God and He is love :'D