• NEW TRACK/REVIEW: Katie Sky - Sweet Sweet Melody (Via @LABRecords)

    8. Nov. 2011, 18:56

    Artist: Katie Sky
    Song: Sweet Sweet Melody
    Album: Paradise EP
    Label: LAB Records
    Release: 04/12/2011

    With LAB Records taking on a new direction for what they're going to be putting out from now on with such signings as Futureproof and Katie Sky. This song fits in perfectly with the future of pop music with a very Lights sounding track. The vocals of the track have a lovely amount of reverb and delay on them that bring them alive within the track. The little sub wobble within the tune, doesn't ruin the song or come across as a desperate attempt to keep up with the ever changing popular music choice, if anything you look forward to when it comes in. With a very cheerful and dance feeling backing track, this song comes together wonderfully and could easily take off into the forefront of popular music today.

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    FB Search: LAB Records / Katie Sky

    By Rowan Phelps (@HeyItsRowan)Katie Sky