• From one music snob to another

    25. Dez. 2011, 16:38

    As to how and when music has started to affect my choice in men, I am not entirely sure. But I do recall that during my pubescent years, I have developed a certain liking towards boys who can sing or those who could play a musical instrument. It didn't matter what genre they played as long as they shared the same love I had for music.

    The first boy I ever dated was a member of the university's choir. He'd sing to me over the phone and sometimes he'd hand over a tiny piece of paper with lyrics like a snatch from his favorite Cynthia Alexander song. Then there was this guy who was about three years younger than me. He was introduced to me by someone from work. He had beautiful eyes that smiled when he laughed. He was a little too dense but if you're extra patient, you'll find out that he has this insatiable thirst for good music. On random nights, he would send me an SMS asking if I know a good song for sleeping. What was that song again? Ah, Stateless' Bloodstream. He was Pillowface and I was Sleepyhead. We could have made Steve Aoki and Passion Pit proud.

    There are guys who listen to music and then there are those who make them. He plays the drums and during those times we talked he told me secrets like where they got their inspiration for their music. Over a plate of salty pad thai and buttered garlic shrimps, he told me about The Whitest Boy Alive and how Detroit is the hub of electronic music. At the end of the night, perhaps he realized I wasn't pretty or sexy enough to keep his interest. At the end of the night, I too realized that I'm not some kind of groupie. He is now a stranger.

    I guess my favorite are those who painstakingly create mixes for me. They will always hold a special place in my heart. The effort of plucking a song after another and putting it all together into one cohesive theme merits something. As much as I love receiving mixes, I also enjoy making them for others. Others meaning someone I truly and deeply care about. Don't expect a mixtape from me if you're just a friend. All the mixtapes I make have meaning just like how the ones I receive have special meaning to me. It's just a shame that I don't make mixes anymore. Once someone gave me a mixtape. Then I later on found out that he also especially made that mix for another girl. I felt cheated. Never again. Some guys don't deserve good music. If I could unshare everything, I would.

    Have you ever dated a music snob? It's both a good and bad experience, tell you. If I listen to something great, I get complimented for my taste. If it didn't match his standards, I get smirked at. He'd point out another artist or song I should be listening to. It's horrible. I promised that I will never apologize for my taste in music just like how I will never apologize for my taste in men. Maybe I have horrible taste. But at least I'm not desperate like someone I know. Heh.