Making a drunk heartless bastard cry


26. Nov. 2006, 4:13

I haven't finished my 2006 music recapitulation, yet, but tonight one award came to decision. This is from a drunk heartless bastard on a sunday morning, 5am:

The award for Making Me Cry Again After Months goes to The Dismemberment Plan and a mixtape of three of their great albums. And it feels so good! So much pressure on me that I begged for this moment for such a long time.

Tonight was the second of two really great parties this weekend. But still I feel like goddamn lonely, misunderstood and unloved jerk.

Love goes out to many of you, I really enjoy your presence, but I'm hopeless that anyone of you will ever be able to return some of my feelings, especially you J., the girl I admire most in this whole fucking town -- but we seem incapable of talking to eachother for longer than twenty seconds :(

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  • Pauls_EX

    Hey good call, if I was drunk enough I'd cry to their music, but I've been getting drunk at least twice a week. Three times not remembering what happened. But I feel where you're coming from.

    26. Nov. 2006, 4:33
  • woweezoweemagic

    I'm drunk right now. And I love the Dismemberment Plan. Shares!

    26. Nov. 2006, 8:15
  • ruth_neary

    it wasn't gin you were drinking? that would explain a lot

    3. Dez. 2006, 18:17
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