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Über mich

ABout Me? what to say, one is in a constant state of change. I think it says alot about someone to hear about their favorite book moments. of all the stories I've read of all the places they've taken me, I like the million mile river in To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer. You haven't read it have you?!
In the beginning there comes a scene of creation:
It was so quiet he could hear the blood moving in his head. He was alone in a world of soundlessness. A bright light of equal intensity was everywhere. He could see, yet he could not understand what he was seeing. What were these things above, beside, below him? Where was he? He tried to sit up and felt, numbly, a panic. There was nothing to sit upon because he was hanging in nothingness. The attempt sent him foward and over, very slowly, as if he were in a bath of thin treacle...
This continues for a few pages and it has always made me feel at home. What does that say about me? Who knows...

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