KGRL's NMM™ on Apr. 27th, 2010


27. Apr. 2010, 19:57

Tuesday, Apr. 27th, 6am PST

NMM™ is when KGRL plays all the newly added artists and music (not all of what will be added but representatives). Celebrated about twice a month it's a remarkable event at which many of the KGRL listeners, the flowerites, meet at the flowerbox, the chat box at KGRL's homepage.

Wow!... not only that several awesome songs were debuting on KGRL today (once again), like Claire Fowler's Stay, Cathy Davey's tracks, and more, all four hours of new music captivated me without exception.

A very special event were the guests at the flowerbox during the first hours: Sarah Fimm, Julie Peel, Christine Hoberg, Rachel Zamstein (aka Rachel zamsteen), Maryanna Sokol, Rachel Browne (Field Mouse), Claire Fowler, Amanda Rogers of The Pleasants as also Cindy Brouwer and Jeremy Bose of St. Lola In The Fields. Kate Garchinsky (Co-Producer and Art Director of Indie for Kids), Mike Finkel, the unresting promoter of upcoming talents and supporter of KGRL radio, dozens of Claire Fowler's cousins, grandparents and parents and many of the flowerites helped to create a big hullabaloo at the chat, providing equally helpful information and funny rubbish. I won't have missed that. :)

"Good morning flowerites and welcome to the New Music Morning sets.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your taste of the new music added to our playlist.
You can also join us at the Flowerbox over at to chat with
your fellow flowerites.
Our New Music Morning starts right now!"

Sarah Sharp - Drip
Sarah Sharp - Ladies
Elizaveta - Snow In Venice
Judith Owen - Blighty
Judith Owen - Smoke on the Water
Josefine Cronholm - Paralysed
Sally Seltmann - Heart That's Pounding
Sally Seltmann - Dream About Changing

Sarah Fimm - Soul Let Swim
Broken Social Scene - Sentimental X's
Metric - The Gates
The Scarlet Ending - Sinner
Camaromance - Out of Luck
Bobo in White Wooden Houses - transparent
Shelby Sifers & Spirituals - Peacock Dreams

Julie Peel With Field Mouse & Hailey Wojcik - Stings That Tie To You
Christine Hoberg - Whatever You Want Me to Be
Christine Hoberg - Fish Lips
Rachel Zamstein - This Gun
Rachel Zamstein - Eve Naive
Maryanna Sokol - Pentameter
Maryanna Sokol - Two
Field Mouse - Good At Me
Field Mouse - Tracing The Map

The Pleasants - For All We Know
The Pleasants - Primrose Garden
Dala - Dream a Little Dream of Me
Casey Mecija - Dear Prudence
Hannah & The Boy - Catalysed
Hannah & The Boy - Know Me In The Dark
Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks
Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Baby Bones
Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Mammals

Claire Fowler - Stay
Katie Noonan & the Captains - After The Rain
Katie Noonan & the Captains - Emperor's Box
Lauren Pritchard - When The Night Kills The Day
Lauren Pritchard - Stuck
The Forest & The Trees - Escape
The Forest & The Trees - Mother
Anna-Maria Blixt - Two Peas In A Pod
Anna-Maria Blixt - Call Me Al

St. Lola In The Fields - Fly
St. Lola In The Fields - Waking Up With You
Pearl & The Puppets - Girlfriend
Mélanie Pain - My name
Mélanie Pain - Everything I Know
Hayley Sales - More Than You Know
Hayley Sales - Not In His Garden
Sunshine Collective - I Just Wanna Play
Sunshine Collective - Love Makes Life So Sweet

Cathy Davey - Bad Weather
Cathy Davey - Army of Tears
Hannah Georgas - Lovesick
Hannah Georgas - Lovers Breakdown
Emilie Mover - P.O.V. Waltz
Emilie Mover - World On A String
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - When We Swam
Mother Mother - Wrecking Ball
Mother Mother - Arms Tonite

honeyhoney - 1979
honeyhoney - Who's Loving You
Regina Spektor - No Surprises
Girl in a Coma - As the World Falls Down
Girl in a Coma - Femme Fatale
Nushu - Beautiful Magical
Nushu - Leave Me Behind
Kate Nash - Kiss That Grrrl

Lisa Mitchell - Sweet Serene Afternoon
Lisa Mitchell - Pirouette (Live)
Theresa Andersson - The Waltz (Live)
Theresa Andersson - Na Na Na (Live)
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Big White Gate (live)
Sia - Clap Your Hands

"...and that was the end of our New Music Morning sets.
I hope you all enjoyed the finely selected new artists and tracks played
during our presentation.
See you all again next time for another edition of New Music Morning sets,
only here at KGRL.
Good day flowerites!

Thank you Mysty for bringing all this wonderful music in our lifes, 24 hours, 7 days a week!

P.S. and to prove that it's essential to be tuned in to KGRL all the time... with an hour delay the NMM™ bonus track:

Katie Melua - The Flood

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  • hdsander

    Find the new song of Elizaveta here. Cathy Davey's song are an exclusively preview on KGRL radio. Tune in and request the songs. ;)

    28. Apr. 2010, 0:31
  • Bayou16

    Oww that's an amazing list of artists I still don't know! Thx for this article Dieter. :-)

    2. Mai. 2010, 19:29
  • MikeAgain

    Ha, just found this. Thanks!

    22. Mai. 2010, 13:59
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