Stunning instrumentals


24. Mär. 2009, 20:14

My friend oslofish told me to make a list. :)

With little help of my friends, here are stunning instrumentals, ordered by year of the album release:

Thanks to all who sent me contributions to the list. Originally planned as a small compilation, I gathered 121 tunes now. A few exceptions had to be made as with Kraftwerk's Trans-Europa Express or Pink Floyd's Echoes which in fact have some vocals, but are mainly instrumental tracks.


I'm busy creating the tag. You could help creating a global tag radio by tagging your favorites.


  • hdsander

    Next update tomorrow, I just received some contributions from Mysty/KGRL. :)

    24. Mär. 2009, 22:23
  • oslofish

    Oooo, wow - this is coming together VERY nicely, hd! So many goodies, so many songs to discover! ...but something's missing...a DL link :P :P

    25. Mär. 2009, 1:25
  • hdsander

    A great tune! Thanks for contributing, volume 2 will come soon.

    25. Mär. 2009, 18:21
  • oslofish

    Stunning is beginning to sound like an understatement!

    26. Mär. 2009, 11:11
  • diamondgrrl

    This is looking really good - it's surprising how many of these I had! Another guy to check out: Dave Grusin. Particularly "Days of Wine and Roses" and "Our Love Is Here to Stay." Of course, I'm partial to his "On Golden Pond," but as my reasons are rather personal, I'd probably have to say it's not really one for this list. Can't wait to see the rest!

    26. Mär. 2009, 21:19
  • socaljda

    It still needs "El Becko" by Jeff Beck

    27. Mär. 2009, 0:10
  • oslofish

    Inching closer to the magic number: Worm Is Green - Automagic and Jan Garbarek - The Creek would be good additions :)

    27. Mär. 2009, 13:30
  • hdsander

    Way to go! Unfortunately Jan Garbarek's best production, Anja couldn't be included here.

    27. Mär. 2009, 13:53
  • licoricepizza

    heavy metal enthusiasts would cite "Eruption" by Van Halen.

    31. Mär. 2009, 22:49
  • hdsander

    I'm always curious about more recommendations. Let's see if we get enough for a bonus session...

    1. Apr. 2009, 10:35
  • starrise

    Ah, this looks very impressive... awesome songs... thanks for putting them all together! :D

    1. Apr. 2009, 16:38
  • MagdA88

    So much songs and artists to check out! I'm still discovering some new tracks that definitely should be on the list so volume 2 is on the road I hope ;)

    3. Apr. 2009, 20:00
  • DPF

    love the list!

    5. Apr. 2009, 0:59
  • IwantCandi57

    Sreve Vai's "For the Love of God" and "Whispering a Prayer", both grammy winners. Great idea and great list...well done, brought back a lot of memories, thanks

    5. Apr. 2009, 5:10
  • hdsander

    Added "Whispering a Prayer" (live in Seville, 1992), still seeking for a stunning recording of "For the Love of God"...

    5. Apr. 2009, 10:18
  • hdsander

    ...and added.

    5. Apr. 2009, 10:41
  • Snitsie

    For some longer epic instrumentals.. Focus - Eruption Focus - Anonymous Two Focus - Hamburger Concerto (minimal vocals) Mike Oldfield - Amarok Can - Halleluhwah (some vocals, but not worthwhile) Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother And some shorter: Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (only a small vocal intro) King Crimson - Red King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Pt. II Mike Oldfield - Wild Goose Flaps It's Wings And that's a small list with my favourites =)

    14. Apr. 2009, 21:09
  • hdsander

    Thanks for contributing here, I'll review the tunes as soon as I get hands on them. A lot of them are from my compact cassette tape time period and I never digitized all those tapes.

    15. Apr. 2009, 11:25
  • hdsander

    The Conquest of Paradise has vocals! Otherwise is the chorus more likely another musical instrument... I think, we will add it soon, together with Snitsie's nominations.

    16. Apr. 2009, 18:34
  • hdsander

    Phew, updated! 150 tunes now. :)

    18. Apr. 2009, 23:17
  • MagdA88

    My new adds: Samuel Barber - Adagio For Strings (!!!) Bliss - Song For Olabi (it almost hasn't got any vocals :P) Ennio Morricone - C'era Una Volta Il West Alan Menken - Farewell (from Pocahontas) Alan Silvestri - Forest Gump Suite Gustavo Santaolalla - De Usuahia a la Quiaca Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pretty Little Ditty (!!!) Ray LaMontagne - Truly, Madly, Deeply Thomas Newman - What A Wonderful World (from Meet Joe Black) That's all for now :)

    21. Apr. 2009, 19:59
  • hdsander

    Wow! thx

    21. Apr. 2009, 20:05
  • CreamCrazy

    All this needs is La Villa Strangiato - Rush, without that ANY list like this is incomplete

    13. Mai. 2009, 4:40
  • BS1der

    Check out Coldplay's "Postcards from Far Away" !

    21. Mai. 2009, 22:31
  • hdsander

    Thx for the additions! All will be included soon. :)

    23. Mai. 2009, 0:06
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