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23. Mär. 2010, 22:31

23.03.2010 ~

1. DIR EN GREY [6,177]
First track: Berry
Favourite track: dead tree, ain't afraid to die (and many others >D) ♥ I totally love them @_@

2. happysad [1,963]
First track:Zanim pójdę
Favourite track: Nie ma nieba <3

3. RENTRER EN SOI [1,162]
First track: JUST MAD PAIN <333
Favourite track: 鴉色の胎児, 解毒まがいにSUICIDE and METEMPSYCHOSIS, and others... >w<

4. System of a Down [885]
First track: dunno O.o
Favourite track: Lonely Day

5. Placebo [771]
First track: Little Mo
Favourite track: Protège Moi <3 french vers, ofc. french is so beautiful @_@

6. X Japan [628]
First track:
Favourite track: Voiceless Screaming and CRUCIFY MY LOVE *cries*

7. Moi dix Mois [387]
First track: dispell bound
Favourite track: Mephisto Waltz and Angelica

8. LUNA SEA [340]
First track: RAIN
Favourite track: RAIN, JESUS and PRECIOUS...

9. Łzy [328]
First track: shit, dunno! ><"
Favourite track: Pierwsza łza >:

10. 砂月 [315]
First track: AWAKE
Favourite track: IN A LUCID DREAM


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