• MASACRE on Bad Acid Magazine

    19. Jun. 2008, 0:29

    The legedary colombian band was included in the most recent DVD sampler included on Bad Acid Magazine, this one receipt great comments on the weel known magazine Kerrang!.MasacreTotal DeathHATEWORKSmasacre, colombia, death metal, hateworks, brutalHateWorks
  • your hate makes stronger

    28. Apr. 2006, 23:55

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    Well, all this started like 10 years ago under the name of Enigmatic Productions, on that label we release just a couple of demos and 7"EPs, but damn, it was the time when vynil almost dissapear so we had to move to the new format, the CD, then we founded Decade Records in 98, this was the home of some of the most memorable tittles in Colombian metal history, here we help to build a couple of legends too.

    The year was 2003, from the ashes of that previous project borns HateWorks. Yes you might say the name was taken from the Morbid Angel opus, and yes we cannot deny that "influence" but was not just 'cause that, also the DreamWorks film company give us a hand (note the capital "W"), for us this multi-meaning name was we searched for, the hate factory, the hate really works or as said by one of the partners little daughter: "They named the company like that, as they Hate to Work".

    The main goal in this company is support the talent of colombian musicians, so that's why our rooster is mainly from our native country, but as we grow (yes grow!!, not much but we do...) some international bands had been added. HateWorks had build also a solid international distribution network that reachs more than 20 countries and growing every day, most of the business based on the principle of trust (yes as the tape traders in the 80's... well, all we«re listening metal since then too... quite romantic, eh?). As long as time goes by, we've learned that little girl was wrong, every new day we get more work to do so be nice and keep supporting honest and true metal & heavy music, buy original or download it legal.

    +++ Respect / Keep on drinking !!
    +++ The HateWorkers.