• It was great (but it sucked too)

    8. Sep. 2008, 18:31

    Fri 5 Sep – The Night of the Unexpected
    I really enjoyed the performances of Jeff Carey, KTL (very very very nice) and Ceephax (cheesy but it worked very well). Stephanie Lepp's performance was beautiful too. (I missed the Xenakis piece though...)
    Unfortunately Carey played at the same time as Yutaka Makino, who played very well my friends told me. Same happened with DJ Elephant Power, but I needed to be downstairs for KTL!
    But I must say that some of the music really sucked, maybe it's my taste, but the Cumbia Dirk el Demasiado dude sucked and Burnt Friedman and companion aren't really cool and refreshing... Maybe I just hate country style music / elements.
    And DJ/Rupture who's music I know quite well didn't have his day..., it sounded too commercial...
    But I'm happy this mini festival exists, although maybe they can replace one of the programmers for someone 'younger' and fresher next year, who knows it might turn out to be really fresh and unexpected!