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Earl SweatshirtAssMilk vor 46 Minuten
The Mountain GoatsMoon Over Goldsboro vor 51 Minuten
She Wants RevengeMonologue vor 56 Minuten
The Dead MilkmenBitchin' Camaro vor 59 Minuten
PixiesMonkey Gone to Heaven vor einer Stunde
Grand Puba360° (What Goes Around) vor einer Stunde
Black FlagBeat My Head Against the Wall vor einer Stunde
TrickyMoney Greedy vor einer Stunde
The Black KeysModern Times vor einer Stunde
BjörkThe Modern Things vor einer Stunde
Arcade FireModern Man vor einer Stunde
David BowieModern Love vor 2 Stunden
The Black KeysThe Moan vor 2 Stunden
The Dead MilkmenBorn to Love Volcanos vor 2 Stunden
BaronessGreen Theme vor 2 Stunden
BaronessGreen Theme vor 2 Stunden
BaronessGreen Theme Gestern um 01:43
Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues Gestern um 01:41
Cold War KidsGod, Make Up Your Mind Gestern um 01:36
Beastie BoysBodhisattva Vow Gestern um 01:33
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Über mich

I see everyone's faults. He way a man stands, the way a woman talks, the way we all interact. I know they just want to look cool. They really just wanna get fucked. They all want to be normal. They all want someone to love them, pay attention to them. I think it's funny. I tell them. I point it out and I mock it. I exaggerate it and they resent me. Some see the humor. Some see that I want the same thing, most just hate me. Most don't have the patience to wade through the bullshit to see people (and me) for the souls that they are. Most people are pussies. Weak jellyfish, who will not survive what I can see ahead. Dark days, the coming storm. Funky weather and high crime rates are only the start. We draw closer to the final conflict. It is not some mystical/mythical Armageddon I speak of. But, mans own negative energies reaching a breaking point. His insecurities, his fears, his greed consuming him to the point beyond redemption. It comes my friends. And I'll be happy.

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