• I Will Not Be Fooled!

    23. Sep. 2008, 4:06

    i don't consider myself a particularly gullible person. however, at the same time, i do tend to trust people up to a point . for instance, if you tell me something like "did you know that drinking pee cures heartburn?" i might just nod and go with it cause , for all i know, it's the truth. that's where i get fooled. when people tell me shit they have no reason to lie about, that have no effect on my life. otherwise, i'd like to think I'm always aware of most bullshit. on a larger scale, we are fooled every day. not by politicians or anything big brotherish like that. I'm speaking about things involving arts. much like my distaste for falafel's and the roots, a lot of time people just nod and go with it cause why not? that is, until they have an epiphany and realize "this is bullshit...". i had one the other day while watching the steaming pile of shit that is the movie "street kings". that epiphany? forest whitaker is a very bad actor. he sucks. i realize he's won an oscar for that king of scotland movie and i bet he's ok in it (i guess...i never saw it) but, if you look at the career he's had, he's somehow slipped through the cracks as a respected actor, when ,in fact, he is not fit to play an extra on a mexican soap opera. seriously, go watch "species" right now. i dare you to disagree. i used to always give him a pass cause i love the movie "ghost dog". i also like "fast times at ridgemont high". two movies in which he plays a big silent guy who never changes expression. that's his go to role. other times he plays this weird italian kinda brooklyn guy. i can't figure it out. does he think he's like christopher walken and he can get by with minimal acting skill by just being weird? walken is a freak of nature that, somehow, works. whitaker is just a shitty actor. so, forest whitaker, I'm not buying it...
    other things I'm not buying are:
    1)cl smooth was a good rapper.
    no, he wasn't. he had great beats to rhyme on and he made one classic song. aside from that, he was a terrible rapper with a decent voice.

    2) is talented
    this may seem obvious but enough "respected" music people have made a case to me about this that it made me question my disdain for the guy. but fuck that...he's a shitface. sure, he's prolific and knows how to use studio equipment. unfortunately his music is fucking awful and he should be ashamed of himself.

    3)david cronenberg is a genius
    I'm not buying it. he's made a few good movies and some wretched pieces of crap.
    i'll give him credit for trying to be different but that doesn't always translate to success. "trying" too hard to do anything is a pretty good way to guarantee you'll fail. i don't mean putting work in, i mean going outside of your realm of skill in an attempt to reach that next level. some motherfuckers just aren't cut out for the next level.

    4)j-lo is a great dancer
    she's clumsy. i remember when she was a fly girl on "in living color" and she handled those kinda moves well enough but there's a reason why every video she's made since her music career has started is edited like a strobe light. if they were to hold the camera on her for 5 seconds it would expose her loafing around like the uncoordinated bum ass she is. while we're at it, I'm not buying people who do "Everything" in general. people who act, sing, dance, write scripts, play baseball and do stand up comedy are full of shit. pick one (preferably the one you're not completely mediocre at) and go with that. just cause you can do something well enough that it's not embarrassing doesn't mean we all need to see it. i can sing decently but you don't see me working on some fucking folk rock album. you know why? cause it would suck.

    5)phife dawg was dope...ever...
    he wasn't. he got better...he went from "the worst" to "pretty bad" but that's it. people act like his rhymes on "the low end theory" were some next level shit. gimmie a break. he just sucked less. i love when people get mildly better at something they were horrible at and people can't wait to line up and suck them off for improving. you're supposed to improve! that's what happens when you do something all the time. if I played golf every day for 5 hours, i'd definitely get better. but i'm willing to bet, five years down the line, i'd still be pretty bad. the worst thing about sweating people for improving (regardless of the low ceiling to their talent) that is it just encourages more mediocrity.

    that's the thing about being fooled by that kinda shit. it's usually based on comparisons. weather it be to older work of the artists or the people around them. everything should be judged on an "As is" basis. setting standards just fucks up the balance. i've learned to expect things to be half assed so when they aren't you can either love them or hate them extra hard. now that's what i call passion!
  • Not Going to Coachella this year 08!!!!!!!!

    12. Mär. 2008, 9:02

    Seen everyone i wanted to see for reasonable prices and way more intimate venues....And this is the first time i'm not going to regret that i'm not going. Lineup nothing that stands out.FUCKING Jack Johnson is a headliner OMG!!!!!!i would rather see ashley simpson singing at apollo