Ami, 32, Männlich, Israel
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Über mich

I'm simple man. looking for new things to learn and see. I'm mechanical engineering working as a mechanical designer at HP indigo R&D since April 2009. surely a great place to work as some sources published. great people and interesting world of printers. When I'm at home, most of the time near the computer, doing various stuff. I'm A very multimedia person, like to explore music, movies, books (but that's rare this days) . And playing video games that become a large part of my entertainmet consumption for me this days (Looks great on my full HD TV screen and very addictive) .I'm also enjoying hang out with friends, bars, live rock shows, restaurants and the movies. I'm a very sensitive man (like to cry at a good movie), caring, and giving almost everything to the people i love. My favorite animals are cats because they are cute, and when you have one it's like a non stop you-tube videos. My family, my friends and my movie collection are my biggest assets.
Last thing, if you would ever want to make me happy, you should consider surprise me with something from my wish-list: my wish list:

For more information about the thinks i like in life, and various other stuff, you can visit my blog (I'm sorry, it's only in Hebrew for the moment)

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