Thursday, April 21st: Forever The Sickest Kids in Syracuse, NY


22. Apr. 2011, 18:40

Thu 21 Apr – The Spring Break Your Heart Tour

Forever the Sickest Kids, Breathe Carolina, We Are the In Crowd, Before Their Eyes, Tonight Alive, and Give Us Jersey at The Lost Horizon.

May I start by saying I have never seen so many stinkeyes from women in my life. If you're going to go in the pit, you WILL get hit. Otherwise, get the fuck out. Secondly, Don't wear flip-flops at a show. Are you fucking stupid?

The First band was Give Us Jersey, a local band from Syracuse, NY. I know a large majority of the band members, a buncha cool dudes. The crowd loved them. They played a 5 song set, all of which everybody knew because they played the same set they play at their other shows. Wasted Time, and a Like a G6 cover were the big ones. I must say in comparison to their past shows, this one was by a longshot, the best they've played.

The Second was Tonight Alive, an Australian band with an incredibly attractive female vocalist. Their set was a huge hit, and even I enjoyed it, and I'm not a huge fan of female singers. Their set was fun, bouncy, and they interacted with the crowd. I didn't know any of their music going to the show, but I'm currently downloading their music.

Third, was Before Their Eyes, my favorite of the night I think. The crowd wasn't stuffed like the headliner was, but had more guys in the pit than women. Which I prefer. I was able to crowd surf easily, and I got thrown, rather than rolled. Thanks, guys. Their set was amazing. Looking through their performances, I thought they were going to suck. But I was more than impressed by their set.

Fourth was We Are the In Crowd, who had a really tiny girl as their vocalist. These guys I wasn't very impressed by, but they played alright. Their crowd interaction was kind of awkward, because she just kind of made weird faces at the crowd. But, they did okay soundwise.

Fifth, was Breathe Carolina. I've seen these guys five times. Last time I saw them at Lost was the Attack Attack tour. That was from that show. Interactive, fun, lots of lights, steam, that show was fucking amazing. But, last nights show was lacking almost everything. They seemed kind of dead, didn't really care. No creative lighting, steam, stage performance. anything. It kind of sucked. The Crowd was what made it a good show, and Kyle crowd surfing. He landed on me, and Justin and I picked him up and he grabs our hands and goes "I love you guys!" and he went back up. Unfortunately, their sound always tends to suck. But they still put on a great show.

Last was Forever the Sickest Kids, and I was sitting out for them since I was practically dying after Breathe Carolina. From what I saw, the crowd was what made them too, as well as auto-tune and Bass Drops. Lots of Lights, Minimum crowd interaction, but still a great show all together.

The show in itself was a great one, and I was quite impressed.
Me (left), and my Ex (right) at the show after Breathe Carolina.

(From Left to right) girl from We Are the In Crowd, Liz, Myself, and the girl from Tonight Alive after Breathe Carolina.

aha, I look wonderful.


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