Artist of the Month: Akira Yamaoka


1. Jul. 2008, 21:27

Akira Yamaoka is so goddamn fantastic.

He has some solo stuff, none of which I've heard. However, he really shines on the Silent Hill soundtracks.

My favourite will always be Silent Hill 2. The music on it ranges from sublime soundscapes to spooky mechanical noises, and I wouldn't have it any other way. So so good!

Some of my favourites are:

1. Theme of Laura
2. Betrayal
3. The Reverse Will
4. Promise (Reprise)
5. Alone in the Town
6. Overdose Delusion

And the scariest: Silent Heaven

But the whole album is gold, really. LISTEN TO IT NOW!


  • End_of_Eternity

    Yeah, the Silent Hill 2 OST is out of this world. Nice selection of songs as well. My favorite is The Reverse Will. I love its moody psychedelia... Heaven's Night is also a really sick ambient piece!

    21. Apr. 2010, 19:13
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