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Brown BirdAbednego 24. Jul., 1:02
Brown BirdAbednego 24. Jul., 1:00
Brown BirdWrong Black Mare 24. Jul., 1:00
Brown BirdWrong Black Mare 24. Jul., 0:57
Brown BirdBilgewater Lieblingslied 24. Jul., 0:58
Brown BirdBilgewater Lieblingslied 24. Jul., 0:53
Brown BirdBilgewater Lieblingslied 24. Jul., 0:51
Brown BirdSorrow 24. Jul., 0:46
Brown BirdSorrow 24. Jul., 0:42
Brown BirdBlanket of You 24. Jul., 0:41
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Über mich

I grew up in RI--have never lived anywhere else. Have never been on an airplane.

I'm 39. I like to smoke pot, dance with friends, chill on the couch with a crazy movie, pet cats, drink coffee, eat good food, listen to intelligent people talk--I love a good storyteller. I read books incessantly. There is always a pile of books "to read" next to my bed. My favorite author is Orson Scott Card. I'm an ultra-liberal.

S'bout it. Well, not really. That would make me terribly boring--wouldn't it?

Take your top 50 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 20 similar artists (where the artist itself is the #1 most similar). The resulting number of unique artists is your super-eclectic score. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/supereclectic.php

My super-eclectic score is currently


The most similar artists for my profile are Portishead (7), Joy Division (6), Björk (6), Tori Amos (5), The Velvet Underground (5), Radiohead (5), Sonic Youth (5), David Bowie (5), Sigur Rós (4), Tricky (4)

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