• Two Door Cinema Club, Maps & Atlases, Work Drugs

    23. Mär. 2012, 22:31

    Thu 7 Apr – Two Door Cinema Club, Maps & Atlases, Work Drugs

    Awesome concert!

    Dancing galore! I got to be up close...bassist side. Really rockin concert. One of the best in a while! Love them, love them live. They don't disappoint and give you everything they've got.
  • Kooks_Metro (Cinco de Mayo)

    11. Mai. 2007, 16:52

    Sat 5 May – The Kooks, Illinois

    AWESOME concert!

    Body surfing was involved! Enough said! :)

    They jammed out to the music and the crowd was very into it. Kiddies and all. I wasn't disappointed and pleasantly surprised!
  • Snow Patrol, Okay Go, and Silversun Pickups

    17. Apr. 2007, 20:36

    Mon 2 Apr – Snow Patrol, OK Go, Silversun Pickups

    My review:

    When my sister arrived at the venue, we entered the buidling. We decided to head to the bathroom first, cause I had to go and we knew that we would be waiting for a while before the next trip there and I didn't want to lose my spot in the crowd after the fact. This is a good time to say that the bathrooms at the Aragon, at least before show time are really clean for the most part and there are lots of them, so you aren't really waiting for long. For a venue, I am always pleasantly surpirsed by this. So, I give this venue a plus for that. Granted I have never gone after the concert, so I don't know if it gets any worse afterwards.

    After we did our duties, we decided to head to the crowd that was waiting for the opening band, which we thought were Okay Go. To our surprise, even though I had an incling that their may have been an opening band to Okay Go as well, we got to see another band called Silversun Pickups. My sister had heard one of their songs, but I had never heard of them. I guess my sister was surpirsed to see them, because she always assumed that a girl was the main singer. Instead we saw a guy. But, it did sound a little different in concert. Maybe they electronically change his voice a bit for the album and when distorted it sounds more like a girls voice. They were pretty good. They definately rocked the house and were pretty loud. The drummer was really into his drums which was cool to watch. He must get a real workout ever time. They had a girl bassist who sang one of the songs as well. All of them seemed to be having a good time. What was really cool was when the drummer from Okay Go and the bassist from Snow Patrol came to play with them on the last song. You could tell they really enjoyed and appreciated that.

    After Silversun Pickups, Okay Go took the stage. I had seen them already once at an auditorium in Logan Square. They were really good there and the venue was pretty small so I was interested to see how they would do here. When they started with one of there first songs, I wasn't getting into it as I thought I would. I felt like the song lacked a little umph to it or something. So, I was heading for disapointment, but they fortunately did not play the rest of the concert like that. The rest of the concert was way more upbeat. The singer was really into the music and crowd as were the guitarist, bassist and drummer. Good eye contact and they really seemed to want to be there singing to the audience. I was so glad that it just must have been the first song that maybe I just lacked in interest. But, the rest of the songs were much more alive. I was hoping to hear there famous doo-di-deeoo doo-di-deeoo -deeoo-deeoo-dee doo doo...or the famous "A Million Ways." But, alas they did not sing nor dance it this time. I was kind of bummed, because I was blessed to see the dance live the last time I saw them, but they never played the full version live. But that is okay cause the rest of the concert was a blast.

    Next came snow patrol. I was excited to see them this time since the last time I saw them at aragon, I barely got to see the main singer and anyone else for that matter.

    more review to come...
  • Razorlight and Mohair at Martyr's

    7. Mär. 2007, 18:55

    Sat 3 Mar – Razorlight

    The concert was great! It started with Mohair, a group from England who I had never heard before. They were pretty rocking and had good stage presence. I think they enjoyed the crowd as well. For an opening band, they were pretty entertaining.

    It took a while for Razorlight to come out after Mohair ended. Usually, I am okay with crowds, but this one was a little different. There wasn't much air in the place and with so many people trying to jam in towards the front, it was kind of hard to breathe and extremely hot. I wish people around me could have left some space around them. And, there were also some ladies and guys pushing me from the back every once in a while, which was kind of rude. I like my personal space.

    But, after the band finally started playing, the music kept my mind off of the claustrophobia and by the end of the concert, people had dispersed a little.

    I had a pretty good view. I was standing in the second row. The lead guitar player was awesome, as so were the singer, drummer, and bassist. But, you could tell that the lead loves to play his instrument. The lead singer also got really close to the audience many a times and was pretty energetic throughout the whole concert.

    What was pretty cool about the concert is that the crowd was really into it. They had some good fans there dancing and singing. I went in there, not having their album. But, they ended up playing a lot of songs I know and love. So, I was happy! Overall, it was a great concert. Awesome to see them in such a small venue as well! I am sure they play big places in England.