• Roadburn 2011 seen lives

    19. Apr. 2011, 11:38

    Excellent festival and amazing line-up. 013 and MIDI are a great combo for organizing a festival like this.

    The absolutely best show was performed by Swans! Michael Gira was in flames while on the stage. And all that crushing bass and hammering percussions. Sssshhhwwwwooooooshhhhh!!!!!!

    Pentagram was great! For so long I've been graving for a chance to see them. 20 Buck Spin, When the Screams Come, Sign of the Wolf, All You Sins, Relentless, ... !!!!

    I have to give big hand for Circle and Pharaoh Overlord! Unfortunately I saw them only on Friday and Saturday, but both of the sets were pure joy & happiness.

    And while talking about joy & happiness, you have to mention VOIVOD on Friday!!!! Pure perfection with their 80's attack! And while talking about Blacky's bass sound... well, you're out of words. Daniel Mongrain did great on guitar.

    What else? Winter was even better than I expected. Acid King did really good. Blood Ceremony was cool. Jesse Sykes was breathtaking. Dragontears on Saturday was a trip to remember. And Black Mountain was good. Actually all the bands I saw were so good that Black Mountain had almost impossible slot as my festival closer. But they delivered.

    Writing down for myself which bands I saw in this year's Roadburn.

    Alcest (2/3 of the set)
    Acid King
    Blood Ceremony
    Carlton Melton

    Keiji Haino (2/3 of the set)
    Circle with Pharaoh Overlord
    jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter
    Hooded Menace (2/3 of the set)

    Great DJ set @ MIDI's afterparty from Psychotropic Caravan guys!

    Black Math Horseman
    White Hills
    Pharaoh Overlord
    Shrinebuilder (remaining 45 minutes)

    Blood Farmers
    Dead Meadow
    Black Mountain
  • Triptykon @ Shibuya O-EAST, Tokyo on 04.06.2010

    5. Jun. 2010, 2:16

    It had been almost three years since I saw Tom G. Warrior on stage. And then it was of course with Celtic Frost. When Triptykon's tour in Japan was announced a few months ago, I had to circle 4th of June in my calender very carefully.

    Well, they came and they delivered. Tom even spoke a couple of times thanking the Japanese audience. But if you look at the setlist, you'll notice that in mainly consisted of Celtic Frost songs. Nothing to complain in them, but Triptykon's own material could easily stand on it's own. And I've heard those songs live already. Except! Babylon Fell! Haha, there they got me!

    Procreation (of the Wicked) (Celtic Frost)
    Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost)
    Babylon Fell (Celtic Frost)
    Synagoga Satanae (Celtic Frost)
    The Prolonging

    Even if there are only six songs, the show lasted about 50 minutes. The Prolonging clocks almost 20 minutes on the album. And it might be even longer when played live.

    But, I have to criticize the Japanese gig organizers. In this case my finger points at SMASH. What is the point to fly three different foreign bands here, charge 7500 JPY ($82) for the show and to give only a time slot of 50 minutes for Triptykon? The place wasn't even full. And no wonder, I had hard time convincing myself that I really should spend that money on one band. If it wasn't for Warrior, I would have laughed at your price tag. Can't help it, you could do more for the music fans with the money you are pocketing.
  • Nine Inch Nails in Summer Sonic 09, Chiba, JP

    14. Aug. 2009, 2:50

    Nine Inch Nails show in Summer Sonic 2009 was my fourth NIN show. I usually don't like to see the same band too many times, because I feel like "wearing them out". This time I assured myself that going to the show is necessary, because this is "Wave Goodbye" tour and this is also an opportunity to see them on some other continent.

    The show felt the least live experience of their shows I have seen, because Alessandro Cortini left NIN live already in the end of 2008, but Trent has not added another keyboard player to that post. Therefore no-one was playing keyboards and pre-recorded audio was used instead of live playing. Yes, Trent played a little keyboards in some occasions. And so did Robin.

    The show started like they started in Helsinki ice hall 2007: They came to dark stage and started right away from the first verse of Somewhat Damaged. During the gig Reznor gave his trademark moves throwing the guitar to the back of the stage right at the end of a song and pushing down keyboard, light and microphone stands.

    Then there was a rain. And thunder. During Heresy's chorus while the lyrics go "God is dead, and no-one cares, if there is a hell, I'll see you there" the first raindrops fell. And during the March of the Pigs the heaven burst into the heaviest rain I have ever experienced during a festival gig. And it was pouring till Hurt was finished. The outcome of the rain was ~3 cm deep water on the stadium ground. In the middle of the gig Reznor put it: "if you leave, you're a pussy". I don't think many left, and it was not even because of that announcement.

    The show was pretty intense. Unfortunately I had seen intense NIN already three times, so secretly I was hoping something else. Still, the biggest disappointment was that they did not play a single track from The Slip album. That would have been something new for me and also the album has lot's of good live tracks as the rehearsal videos show. Fortunately they did I'm Afraid of Americans, which was a great choice to play in Japan. Humor or not.

    Even if this review may sound a bit negative, it was not a bad rock show in any way. On NIN standards maybe it was just a routine, but I am sure that people left the stadium happy that they had just completely wet their clothing (because of the rain, not by pissing their pants).

    The interesting fact is that even the most of the Japanese people can't even open their mouths if they have to speak English, and still they always sing along with big international acts. The same happened also with Nine Inch Nails. I wonder do they understand the actual lyrics or are they just remodeling the sound of the singing they hear on the records. At least the guys behind me were singing something that reminded of the chorus of the song but the words were mostly unrecognizable.

    Somewhat Damaged
    Terrible Lie
    March of the Pigs
    The Frail
    I'm Afraid of Americans
    Gave Up
    The Fragile
    The Big Come Down
    The Hand That Feeds
  • Leave Them All Behind, Liquidroom, Tokyo, 19. Apr 2009

    20. Apr. 2009, 6:11

    Last December in Boris' show when they gave out fliers for this concert the line-up sounded sort of too good to be true. Well, it was too good to be true, because it was not that kind of great success I was expecting.

    My expectations in the order of greatness:

    1. Boris
    2. Sunn O)))
    3. Envy
    4. Isis
    5. Growing

    The reality:

    1. Isis
    2. Envy
    3. Sunn O)))
    4. Boris
    5. Growing

    Growing played about a year ago in Helsinki with Boris. Then I did not have much expectations for their show, but it turned out to be quite sweet. Not so sweet, that I would buy a record, but sweet enough to put your head nodding and made you to concentrate 100% to their show. This time they had a new band member with drum machine and effects, and also doing some vocals. For me this ruined it all. Earlier two guitars made their sound very interesting, because they did not have any "hard" beats, and the guitars were the flesh around the bones of their music. Now it sounded like a collection of random Josh Wink bleeps and the guitars were somewhere in the background which made it dull.

    Envy delivered. I saw them some while ago in Earthdom playing a nearly two hour one man show. Which was great. But, Liquidroom's stage, lights, and sound really did justice for their music. The most of the screamo apeness makes me, well, scream, but I do like Envy very much. Maybe they are recycling some post-rock cliches, but their post-hardcore vibe and drive puts their music on the good list in my books. This gig provided good set of complex beats, beautiful melodies, heavy riffage, and a needed amount of good rock show.

    Boris just failed. The both of the two shows I have seen before were just exceptionally great. Especially the last December's show in UNIT. Now it felt a little lazy and not right from the beginning. There was too much echo, which made the sound very plugged. Even Rainbow failed, because there was too much echo in Wata's vocals. The echo just destroyed all the nice aspects of her voice.

    This was followed by unfortunate equipment breakdown. Wata's guitar went mute and they spent over ten minutes fixing the issue. The band was performing on the background but it sounded just boring without Wata. This gives a good example how complicated it might be to fix issues during the show if you have tons of gear. Especially if you don't have a technician who knows all the aspects of your equipment. At the end of this failure Atsuo stood on his drumkit as always, but he just jumped on the stage and went backstage skipping his traditional jump into the audience.

    This time Sunn O))) was just Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson. Except after the first attack Atsuo came onto the stage dressed in a robe. He dived into the audience, got back to the stage, and sat behind of drums. There was quite a nice amount of sound pressure, but it wasn't anything spectacular. They probably did not rehearse, because the timing with the guitars and drums was off. In 2005 I saw Sunn O))) in Helsinki, and it was jaw dropping and ear popping 1,5 hour drone murder-rape ritual. This ~30 minute show was lacking in every area compared to 2005's show. Quite nice, but nothing to remember. Perhaps Boris' disappointment made it even harder to set into Sunn O))) mode.

    Isis was the same as they are on their records. Five guys played professionally with rock instruments some lengthy heavy songs that have occasional screamed and clean vocals. And they did that well. The songs from Wavering Radiant sounded good, too, so maybe they are heading to the better direction after mediocre In the Absence of Truth album. They even spoiled us with encore, so maybe they considered Tokyo's audience worth of their self declared art (yes, I read some interview a few years ago and it has bothered me ever since).

    Aftermath: Leave Them All Behind was definitely not worth of 6000円 ticket. I'd say we got a show for 4000-5000円. Well, it sounded too good in the beginning. And still, this was enjoyable evening, but it could have been so much better.
  • Church of Misery in Shelter on Sat 7th of March 2009

    13. Mär. 2009, 6:18

    Church of Misery pulled a great show in Shimokitazawa Shelter on 7th of March 2009. Too bad their singer Hideki decided to quit in December. They had finished a new record with him and it is coming out in this month. But, on the other hand Negishi (did vocals on Master of Brutality album) seems to be the right man to replace him for now.

    Once again Negishi gave 100% for the show. Brutal and sacrificing. And the band gave the best show I have seen so far. Murdering doom with shitloads of groove. This is what the heavy rock is all about. Heavy riffs, fuzzed out bass, trippy squeeks and bleeps, and laid back solos.

    But hey, check out the videos. Of course they don't do any justice for the show, but see them anyways.

    Part 1/4:

    Part 2/4:

    Part 3/4:

    Part 4/4:
  • Boris in Helsinki on the 2nd of May 2008

    3. Mai. 2008, 11:20

    I was this close to buy flight tickets to Copenhagen because the most of the Boris' Euro gigs were announced days before their Finnish dates. Luckily I hesitated for a day. On the other hand their gig in Helsinki was pretty much fulfillment of my dreams or something, so the money probably would not been an issue, even if I went to Denmark.

    Boris' show was opened with Von as intro. During the song the stage was filled with smoke and they took their positions. I had not been reading any gig reviews or interviews lately, so I was surprised to see Boris with four players on stage. I suspected that the fourth player could be Michio Kurihara and after the gig I got confirmation on this suspicion. The first number of the gig was quite a contrast for intro tape because they played PYG cover song 花・太陽・雨.

    Then they played BUZZ-IN and the audience went apes. If I was a bit skeptical how Boris will effect on Finnish audience after vappu... Well, Boris got people moving in the front. My rough estimation is that there were 500-600 people watching the show.

    The band's use of three guitars was remarkable (Takeshi had his double neck and the most of the time he was playing bass) and the sound was just stunning. There were songs that Wata was playing bottoms, Takeshi some riffs that place in the middle of the range, and Michio played higher layers (occasionally with slide). Phew. Every guitar had its' place there and the sound was thick like some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. And Atsuo's drum sound with that huge bass drum did not lose a bit for this wall off three guitars.

    In the end of the actual set Atsuo got up from behind his drum kit and took a dive into the audience while the others on the stage were droning. He crowd surfed nearly to the soundboard and the audience even took him back to the stage. You don't see that kind of things in Finland very often these days.

    Boris gave me everything what I went to get. As the poster suggested, this was "BORIS" gig, not "boris" (intentional or not). They were loud, they were heavy, there was hints of psychedelia, and plenty of non compromising blasts of riffs.

    This is the set list. It is taken from a picture taken by wunderfulmeat. Too bad they skipped Seasons and Death Valley in Finland.

    1. Sun Flower Rain (from Smile (花・太陽・雨 on Japanese edition))
    2. BUZZ-IN (from Smile)
    3. Laser Beam (from Smile (放て! on Japanese edition))
    4. PINK (from Pink)
    5. Statement (from Smile (メッセージ on Japanese edition))
    6. Floor Shaker (from Statement 7")
    7. My Neighbor Satan (from Smile (となりのサターン on Japanese edition))

    8. Ka re ha te ta sa ki (from Smile Southern Lord CD)
    9. You Put Up Your umbrella (from Smile Diwphalanx CD)
  • 20.11.2007 - Fu Manchu & Truckfighters, Helsinki, Fi

    21. Nov. 2007, 9:08

    When it was announced that Fu Manchu is coming to the town I was thinking that maybe 25€ is a bit too much for fmc. Later I found out that Truckfighters is coming to support them, so I was left pretty much with no excuse not to purchase a ticket and to go there. It turned out the be a cool fuzzravaganza and now I'm gonna tell you why.

    Truckfighters got on the stage pretty much at 22:30 as it was announced. Man, when they started with the riff of Desert Cruiser, the air was filled with fuzzzz. Even if only a half of the audience had arrived, the band put 100% to their performance on the stage. Luckily we were blessed with songs like Gweedo-Weedo and Atomic and even if they played only for something like 30 minutes, I was definitely satisfied. Truckfighters did not let us down and many of the people who had not heard the band earlier were like that's dope shit.

    After the gig I finally got my copy of Gravity X in ridiculously low price of 10 euros.

    It did not take too long to get Fu Manchu on the stage and we were serverd another fuzztacular blast. Even if I am not the biggest fans of Scott Hill's singing if I listen Fu Manchu too much at the time, I got to tell you it did not bother a one second on the gig. Get this, the second song of the show was Evil Eye. Well... A plenty of peeps must have wet their pants.

    The venue was really packed and it was a huge surprise that Fu Manchu has this big following in Finland. Of course they have had a long career so a great deal of people must have heard their fuzzed out rock at some point. Anyways, even if I can not recall the opening number the set consisted of songs like Evil Eye, Knew it all Along, Hell on Wheels, Over the Edge, Boogie Van, Redline, Written in Stone, Grendel Snowman, Wurkin', Hung out to Dry and King of the Road. The actual set ended with Saturn III which was a huuuuuuuuge spaced out piece of stoner rock. Got a friend who does not know what is stoner rock? That could be a good song to tell him about it.

    As an encore they gratified their audience with Squash That Fly which was followed by Mongoose. The show ended with Godzilla which had a galaxy hugging piece of space rock in the middle right after the bass solo (hail).

    This night was definitely worth of 25€. FMC has been there for long and it really shows in their playing and intensity. We must obey!

    edit: The opening song was Eatin' Dust.
  • Well, this is a first!

    5. Aug. 2007, 22:20

    What a great job Ankkarock organizing did while trying to ruin the climax of Nine Inch Nails' gig with their idiotic fireworks (edit: I have to admit that the intention was good but the timing was just crap). Trent was on stage playing Hurt when they started shooting fireworks. Trent had to stop because no-one could hear a shit what he was playing or singing. Finland, zero points. Well, luckily he didn't get that pissed off that he would have called it quits.

    The gig itself was cool as always, new lightwall looked nice and Trent even mentioned in his speech (yes, we got one) that they are again in Finland. Heh, during Only Trent had to sing that it would be nice to have some light on the stage as they did the first verse and chorus behind the lightwall in darkness.

    In the middle of their set Trent, Alessandro and Aaron did Me, I'm Not and The Great Destroyer in front of the wall with three synthesizer stands. If I was a bit skeptic that how they are going to pull songs like that in their set, well, I'm convinced now. They got 10/10 out of it. The latter part of The Great Destroyer was even "crazier" than on the album. And the lightwall supported the song really nicely with it's spurious effects.

    The set:

    1. Hyperpower!
    2. The Beginning of the End
    3. Sin
    4. March of the Pigs
    5. Closer
    6. Survivalism
    7. Gave Up
    8. Me, I'm Not
    9. The Great Destroyer
    10. Eraser
    11. Only
    12. Wish
    13. The Good Soldier
    14. Dead Souls
    15. The Hand That Feeds
    16. Head Like a Hole

    17. Hurt
  • The Coffinshakers ruled the night

    1. Aug. 2007, 21:07

    On Friday 27th of July at Qstock Festival The Coffinshakers rise from their crypt to curse Finland with their unholy passion. The gig was indoors and the space was pretty limited which caused that some of the curious people did not get in. The band's visit to Finland's official charts (on place #38) showed clearly in the number of attenders as fresh bite marks on the neck of pale young lady. For the people who don't know, the recipe of The Coffinshakers concept is country music, some rock'n'roll and... vampire tales.

    These dedicated Swedish vampires received a really good acceptance from their audience, who cheered the band through the show. Rob Coffinshaker's charismatic voice sting like a wooden stake through the heart and the band did not have problems to win the audience to their side. Nevertheless that the lights at the stage broke during the set for a couple of songs and the rulers of the night disappeared into the shadows.

    All this excellence lasted from approximately 70 minutes and during that time we heard the most of the Coffinshaker classics. The best moments of the gig for me were Walpurgis Night, Bad Dreams, Baby, From Here to Hell and Die Die Die. Or maybe I should list the whole set as the highlight. Thanks to Meistamo for making this happen.

    Oh, and luckily we did go to bar PSK Kaupunni after the festival because Rob Coffinshaker was there for a "surprise" gig. He did maybe eight songs including Ring of Fire, Solitary Man and Gloomy Sunday.
  • Velvet Revolver is not GNR and that is just great

    18. Jun. 2007, 8:59

    Velvet Revolver pulled a gig at Provinssirock on 16th of June. I must say I have to admire Slash, Duff and Matt coming up with a new band and new style. It could have been pretty easy for them just go around playing old GNR songs over and over again and they probably could have made the same income without writing a single new song. But no, they had guts to pick a completely different type of singer and start a new band with new 21th century songs.

    Their gig in Helsinki on 2005 was a proof that they have succeeded and now almost two years later they proved in Provinssirock that they really are A BAND. Not just some washed up middle age men who are trying to profit with something they did nearly 20 years ago. Respects.

    VR started the show with new song called Let It Roll which is not included on the new single but I heard it a few weeks earlier on some fan forum as a soundboard recording. It is a nice piece of action and Slash has a cool solo in it. Set Me Free and Slither came out loud and clear and the crowd was totally with them. The funny thing was that I was not even expecting any songs from STP or GNR. When they started Vasoline from STP, for a second I was like "oh they are covering Stone Temple Pilots, cool" :)

    Too bad newspapers like Helsingin Sanomat are living in the past and in their story they mostly concentrated on telling how VR is not GNR. Big news: IT IS NOT. And a friend of mine witnessed an interview of Duff where the interviewer just kept asking him about GNR. It seems like some of the rock journalists stopped living 15 years ago.