Top 15 Artists


27. Apr. 2008, 15:30

1. Rancid
First Heard: Bloodclot
Fell In Love: Ruby Soho
Current Favorite: Crane Fist

2. Operation Ivy
First Heard: Jaded
Fell In Love: Take Warning
Current Favorite: Sound System

3. The Clash
First Heard: Train in Vain (Stand by Me)
Fell In Love: Clampdown
Current Favorite: London's Burning

4. The Flaming Tsunamis
First Heard: By Force
Fell In Love: If You Really Love Me
Current Favorite: Bird-Watching and Vice Versa

5. Rise Against
First Heard: Swing Life Away
Fell In Love: Paper Wings
Current Favorite: The First Drop

6. The Aggrolites
First Heard: Funky Fire
Fell In Love: Countryman Fiddle
Current Favorite: Someday

7. Dead Meadow
First Heard: Shivering King
Fell In Love: I'm Gone
Current Favorite: Either Way

8. Public Access
First Heard: O'Reilly
Fell In Love: Nature vs. Steamboat
Current Favorite: Nature vs. Steamboat

9. The Shins
First Heard: Know Your Onion!
Fell In Love: Phantom Limb
Current Favorite: Fighting in a Sack

10. Tim Armstrong
First Heard: Into Action
Fell In Love: Wake Up
Current Favorite: Among the Dead

11. Sublime
First Heard: Smoke Two Joints
Fell In Love: Santeria
Current Favorite: What I Got

12. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
First Heard: Coma Girl
Fell In Love: Redemption Song
Current Favorite: Long Shadow

13. Common Rider
First Heard: Carry On
Fell In Love: Castaways
Current Favorite: Rough Redemption

14. Sonic Boom Six
First Heard: Do It Today
Fell In Love: Piggy in the Middle
Current Favorite: Bigger than Punk Rock

15. Gogol Bordello
First Heard: Your Country
Fell In Love: Tribal Connection
Current Favorite: American Wedding


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